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New Zealand is a welcoming country for foreign workers and their families. After incorporating their company, Healy Consultants will assist on request our Clients to preparing their entrepreneur visa application and submitting it to the New Zealand Immigration Services. To date, we enjoy 100% visa approval record.

Advantages of migration in New Zealand

Our Clients and their families are often interested in relocating to New Zealand, because:
Business visas qualifications in New Zealand

  • They will be able to communicate easily with local customers: New Zealand is an English speaking country;
  • New Zealand has one of the highest quality of life in the world. Two of its main cities (Auckland and Wellington) are on the top 20 cities with the best quality of living;
  • Their children will be able to attend excellent universities such as the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury;
  • While our Clients will have to pay personal income tax in New Zealand, their foreign income will not be taxed during their first year in the country. For more information on personal income tax and rates, please refer to this page;
  • For additional information on why Healy Consultants recommends formation of a company in New Zealand, please refer to this page of our website.

Healy Consultants migration package

For a fee of US$12,680, Healy Consultants will be pleased to assist our Clients to i) form their company in New Zealand ii) open a corporate bank account for the company and iii) obtain a residency permit for the whole family. Kindly refer to the embedded pdf below to view a detailed sales invoice:
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During the 3 month engagement, we will also prepare all supporting documents for the visa application, including a comprehensive business plan detailing our Client’s proposed business activities in New Zealand, a market analysis and financial projections. This quality visa application package aims at convincing the New Zealand Government to approve the visa(s) application. Refer to the embedded pdf below to view a detailed project plan of the engagement and timelines:
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Different types of New Zealand visas

The entrepreneur visa

  • Our Clients opening a company in New Zealand may apply for an entrepreneur work visa if i) they are English speaking and ii) invest over US$70,000 (NZD100,000) in their New Zealand business. To get approved, their application will also be assessed by the authorities according to criteria including i) their business experience ii) the feasibility of their project to start and run a New Zealand company iii) jobs created in New Zealand;
  • Upon approval, our Clients will receive an entrepreneur startup visa valid for 1 year. If their business meets expectations, such visa will be converted into a full entrepreneur visa, valid for 2 years (then 3 years after renewal);
  • Documents required to apply for an entrepreneur visa (or its startup version) are i) a valid ID ii) an English certificate (waived for candidates from English-speaking countries) iii) an extract of judicial record iv) a certificate of deposit of at least US$80,000 and v) other documents required as evidence for points claimed for the application assessment;

The investor visa

  • Investor visas are available to foreign entrepreneurs, provided that i) they are English speaking ii) invest over US$1.2 million in their New Zealand business for 4 years and iii) have at least 3 years of business experience. Unlike entrepreneur visa applications, our Client will not be subject to additional authorities requirements;
  • Upon approval, our Clients will receive an investor visa valid for 3 years. Renewal after three years is automatic, provided the visa holder i) has not withdrawn its investment and ii) has stayed 146 days per year in New Zealand;
  • Documents required to apply for an investor visa are i) a valid ID ii) an English certificate (waived for candidates from English-speaking countries) iii) an extract of judicial record iv) evidence that the candidate holds US$1.2 million in assets and v) a detailed business plan, inclusive of a feasibility study;
  • Our Clients investing over US$8 million may also apply for an investor plus visa, granting additional benefits including i) no requirement to speak English and ii) reduced residency requirement of only 46 days.

Employee visas

  • Employers willing to hire non New Zealand/Australia nationals are required to obtain an i) essential skills visa for unskilled positions or ii) a skilled migrant visa for skilled positions. Such visas are valid for durations of up to 2 years, after which they can be i) renewed or ii) transformed into a permanent residency permit;
  • Documents to be submitted by the employer include i) a copy of the employment offer ii) identification documents for his company and iii) evidence that no available worker in New for the position (for essential skills visas);
  • Documents to be submitted by the employee include i) a valid passport ii) an extract of judicial record and a police certificate iii) copy of the employment contract iv) an English certificate (for skilled workers) and v) evidence of degrees and work experience required for the position;
  • Our Clients may alternatively apply to a special work program in order to hire i) engineers ii) farm workers and iii) restaurants chefs from China, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Visitor Visas

  • These visas are issued for 3 months for the purpose of either tourism or short-term unremunerated business;
  • Documents required are i) a valid passport ii) bank statements to prove that the applicant holds at least US$800 per month spent in the country and iii) a return ticket;
  • Our Clients will benefit from a visa waiver, if they are citizens of any one of 60 countries including i) Australia ii) all EU countries iii) Singapore iv) the USA v) Hong Kong vi) the UAE and vii) Saudi Arabia.

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