Success tips when doing business in Tajikistan in 2024

Tajikistan business success insights from expert

  1. At most shops in Tajikistan, bargaining is expected. Showing emotion, leaving and coming back, and asking around until prices go down are all common behavior. Shop owners may even come find you if they are willing to give you a lower price than others;
  2. Because Tajikistan companies are not as well-versed with international business and Western law practices, we encourage our Clients to consistently use and sign contracts of service during Tajikistan corporate formation;
  3. While doing business in Tajikistan, hiring reliable and experienced workers that speak fluent English is difficult, especially with governmental restrictions on the number of foreign workers allowed in companies. Healy Consultants can assist our Clients in its human resource needs by placing advertisements in the major newspapers like Asia Plus and the Times of Central Asia;
  4. As Islam is the predominant religion in Tajikistan, the holy month of Ramadan is observed, with large celebrations marking the end of Ramadan. Be prepared for many Tajik businesses to be closed or for normal operations to slow down for several days;
  5. When you are starting a new business, it is important to find out what Tajik registrations and licenses apply to your firm. This can be a complex area, as local, state, territory, and federal governments handle registration and licensing for various aspects of your business;

Interesting facts about Tajikistan?

  1. Seven is considered the ‘perfect’ number in Tajikistan, with Tajik legend stating that heaven is made of seven beautiful orchids;
  2. Black lake, the largest lake in Tajikistan, lies in an impact crater created millions of years ago;
  3. Poor health care in Tajikistan has meant that many diseases that are nearing eradication in Western nations are on the rise in Tajikistan. At 458, Tajikistan has more than half of the world’s polio cases;
  4. 98% of Tajiks are Muslim, with the nation’s capital, Dushanbe, home to dozens of famous mosques;
  5. Despite high poverty, Tajikistan has managed the 12th highest literacy rate in the world, thanks to a system of free education, which allows both boys and girls access to basic education, though many girls fail to finish primary school.

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