Tajikistan employment visas in 2024

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All immigration to Tajikistan is controlled by the federal government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tajikistan. The Tajikistan government welcomes foreigners and grants tourist visas easily. However, the process of obtaining a work permit can be rather complex and generally require an invitation. Healy consultants will assist our Client with all immigration matters:

Tajikistan has bilateral visa-free agreements and simplified Tajikistan visa application processes with a small number of neighbouring countries; among them, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. For nationals of these countries, 45-day tourist visa can be obtained on arrival if necessary.

Business visas

Following business company formation, the business visa will be approved if the applicant can provide an official invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided by the host company. A business letter from the sponsoring company may also be necessary. Business visas in Tajikistan are approved for short periods of time, with related fees increasing relative to the length of the visa.

Employee “E” visas

  • Employees receive a Tajikistan work visa. The applicant should have an invitation from a company registered in Tajikistan and an employment contract for a period of more than 3 months, in addition to a work permit issued by the immigration department of Tajikistan. The application of Tajikistan visa must be supported by an application form with passport size photos and a certificate proving absence of and AIDS infection;
  • The employer must have obtained a license to recruit foreign people, with a copy of the license being sent along with the application.

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