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  1. Czech Republic is the second richest Eastern European country after tiny Slovenia;
  2. Prague’s GDP per capita (PPP) is twice the Czech national average, and higher than any EU member states except Luxembourg;
  3. Over 92% of the country’s total population comprises of Czech, while the remaining population is divided amongst Slovaks, Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, Vietnamese, Hungarians, Russians, Romani, Bulgarians, and Greeks;
  4. The country is almost entirely surrounded by mountains. Mountains mark a natural border with Germany and Poland;
  5. Within the EU, part-timers work the longest hours in the Czech Republic (about 24 h/week). However, part-time work is very rare in this country;
  6. Czech people have the second highest death rate for cancer in the EU;
  7. Czech people are the world’s heaviest consumers of beer;
  8. 90% of Czechs have completed at least secondary education – the highest score in the EU;
  9. There are over 2,000 castles, keeps, and castle ruins in the country, one of the highest density in the world.

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