Albania employment visas in 2024

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  • All immigration to Albania is controlled by the federal government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania. The employment of foreign workers in Albania is closely regulated with a valid work pass or business pass required. A letter from the inviting organization is generally required for a foreign employment visa. Healy Consultants Group will assist our Client with all immigration matters.
  • Albania has established several visa-free policies to allow for visits of up to 90 days without a visa. Some nationals may enter the country without a passport, requiring just an ID card to enter. This applies for all nationals of the EU as well as i) the USA ii) Canada iii) Australia iv) the UK and v) New Zealand. In addition, nationals of i) Brazil, ii) Japan iii) Hong Kong iv) Singapore and v) South Korea and several other countries require only a passport with no visa required.
  • Persons looking to enter Albania to do business need an Albania business visa. A business visa application requires a valid passport, a fully completed application form, a valid resident visa, a current bank statement, proof of travel insurance coverage for trips, a business reference from either the inviting Albanian company or from your employer and proof of an Albanian hotel reservation. The length of the visa depends on the nationality of the applicant but it can be extended in Albania by applying for an extension.
  • Persons looking to enter Albania for the purpose of working must obtain an Albanian work permit. A work permit application requires a letter of invitation by the host company written on company letterhead, a document proving the professional or commercial nature of the employment, a copy of the employment contract and a certificate of criminal status from the past month.

Corporate banking options

  • Societe GeneraleHealy Consultants Group will be pleased to open an Albanian corporate bank account without our Client travel. It is a time consuming task, and Healy Consultants Group will shelter our Client from the associated administrative challenges. As you can appreciate, it is a difficult task to obtain bank account approval through a newly formed company when shareholders, directors and bank signatories reside overseas. Healy Consultants Group will prepare a business plan for the bank to optimize the probability of corporate bank account approval. Depending on our Client’s business and nationality, there is a 20% probability the banks will request a bank signatory to travel for a one-hour bank interview. Healy Consultants Group will try its best to negotiate with the bank for a travel exemption. If our Client must travel to Albanian for corporate bank account opening, Healy Consultants Group will refund our Client €950.
  • If our Client is not comfortable with only an Albania corporate bank account, Healy Consultants Group will be pleased to open an international corporate bank account outside of Albania. Examples include New York, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Bulgaria, South Africa, Australia, London, South America or Dubai. All banks will be top tier banks in these countries with excellent internet banking services. Example of our global banking partners include HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Barclays, Standard bank, ANZ bank, VTB bank, UBS and Credit Suisse.
  • Intesa SanPaolo BankThe banks enjoys ultimate power of approval of corporate bank account applications. Consequently, guaranteed success is outside of Healy Consultants Group’s control. What is inside our control is the preparation and submission of a high quality bank application that maximizes the likelihood of approval. To date, we enjoy a 100% approval record because of our global banking relationships and determination.

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