Jersey employment visas in 2024

business support services for Jersey companiesMigrating to Jersey can be a straightforward process although there are many administrative tasks to be fulfilled during the application process. Our Clients who are interested in working or migrating to Jersey should take note of the following:

  • Although Jersey is not part of the EU, EEA nationals and UK permanent residents may live in Jersey. However, a work permit is required to take up employment on the island;
  • Before applying for a work permit for any employee, our Client must try to find a candidate who is permit-free in Jersey and provide evidence of the same in the form of a published advertisement that includes i) job description ii) qualifications and experience needed and iii) salary;
  • It is mandatory to obtain immigration permission before one can live in Jersey. However, nationals of i) Britain ii) Switzerland iii) EU member states and iv) EEA states are exempted from obtaining immigration permission;
  • Long-term residency in Jersey is carefully controlled; with certain exceptions consent for residency will be given only to a person owning a residence;
  • In turn the purchase of a residence is subject to consent, which is given in only a limited number of cases, usually involving a luxury dwelling or an individual who is clearly going to contribute significantly to the island through payment of local taxes.

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