Interesting facts about Lithuania in 2024?

  1. Lithuania information on business tips and business culturesLithuania is a member of the European Union and the biggest economy among three Baltic States (the other two being Latvia and Estonia);
  2. The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian. However, large portions of the population also speak Russian and English;
  3. Basketball is the most important sport in Lithuania; they call it their “second religion”. The first religion is Catholicism;
  4. In terms of the ease of doing business, the World Bank positively ranked Lithuania at 24th out of 185 countries in the 2015 Doing Business Survey. Of the twenty five countries categorized as Eastern Europe/Central Asia in the survey, Lithuania ranked as third easiest place to do business. Lithuania is considered by the World Bank to be the 11th easiest country in which to start a business;
  5. Lithuania spans a total area of 25,174 square miles. The Lithuanian government estimates that the population of the Latvia at the beginning of 2015 was 2,921,920;
  6. Lithuanian is one of only two Baltic languages have survived to modern times, along with Latvian;
  7. Lithuania has only one port in Klaipeda, which has ferries that connect to Sweden, Germany, and Denmark.

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