Shelf company/turnkey solutions for Lithuania in 2024Lithuania turnkey solution

fast solutions for company registration in LithuaniaHealy Consultants provides entrepreneurs looking to invest in Lithuania with a complete turnkey solution including a ready-made company and approved corporate bank account.

With a turnkey solution, Healy Consultants can supply our Client with a company number and corporate bank account number in just one week! By saving the time required to translate documents into Lithuanian and register a company from scratch, our Lithuanian shelf companies help entrepreneurs to do business in Lithuania as quickly as possible.

Some of our Clients purchase Lithuania turnkey solutions if they i) want a company registration number fast ii) require a corporate bank account number to receive sales income immediately and iii) urgently need to close an important deal in eastern Europe.

The name of the already approved corporate bank account is that of the existing ready-made company. To maintain the corporate bank account, the shelf company name cannot be changed. Consequently, our Client must use the existing name of the shelf company for their customers. The business activity of the company is allowed to change. If our Clients wishes to change the shelf company name, the bank will request a new corporate bank account opening application under the new company name.

Healy Consultants’ fees

Healy Consultants’ Lithuania turnkey solution cost is €14,125 including a i) pre-registered company ii) pre-approved Lithuanian corporate bank account with excellent internet banking iii) tax ID and iv) a legal registered address. Refer to invoice below:

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Steps to purchase a turnkey solution in Lithuania

Steps Week
Healy Consultants' Compliance Team receives the required corporate and personal due diligence information from our Client; 1
Our Client signs Healy Consultants' engagement letter and returns the original to our Singapore Head Office. The Client pays for the shelf company and corporate bank account; 1
Healy Consultants provides our Client with i) a company name and number ii) a company office address iii) a Lithuanian corporate bank account number and iv) a Lithuanian tax ID. Our Client can inform customers and suppliers; 1
Our Client confirms by email the planned corporate structure and emails the required due diligence; 2
Our Client signs legal documents appointing new directors and shareholders and changing the bank signatory. Our Client changes the Internet banking username and passwords; 3
Healy Consultants’ Company Secretary Team in Lithuania translates, notarizes and submits transfer documents to the Centre of Registers for processing. The Lithuanian Registry approves the change of company ownership application and emails Healy Consultants proof of the same; 4
Healy Consultants submits the change of bank signatory documents to the Lithuanian bank; 4
Healy Consultants then emails our Client i) the certificate of incorporation and ii) the M&AA with the new shareholders and directors; 5
To change the bank signatory, there is a 15% probability that our Client must travel to meet the bank in Lithuania. If the bank signatory is already a customer of the bank, then there is a 95% probability a travel exemption will be granted. As always, Healy Consultants will aggressively negotiate a travel exemption for our Client, asking the bank to just perform a Skype or phone conversation with the bank signatory. Depending on the Client's nationality, sometimes we are successful and our Client does not have to travel to Lithuania. 5
The bank approves the appointment of the new signatory and our Client has total control of the corporate bank account; 6
The bank will courier new internet banking documents (login, password etc) to our Client; 8
Our Client receives a courier from the bank comprising new internet banking information. The new bank signatory activates the internet banking; 9
Healy Consultants will courier a complete engagement completion package to our Client including i) company kit containing original Lithuania corporate documents and ii) Healy Consultants' Customer Satisfaction Survey. 10

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