Malta cryptocurrency company solution in 2024

Healy Consultants successfully assists our Clients structure their global cryptocurrency corporate structures in many crypto-friendly countries, including Malta. Since bitcoin and other emerging crypto currencies, such as Ethereum and Ripple, have greatly increased their market capitalization, global investors are looking to hold such assets through a Maltese company. Properly structured, companies registered in Malta can benefit from an effective tax rate of 5%.

Press the link headings below for relevant, up to date information how to register a crypto structure in Malta:

  • Why register Bitcoin company in Malta?

    1. In 2018, Malta established itself as one of the few crypto-friendly jurisdictions in the European Union;
    2. A Maltese company can be registered in just two weeks without personal travel required of neither shareholders, nor directors.
    3. The law-makers in Malta are preparing three pieces of legislation to regulate cryptocurrency trade and initial coin offerings, with regulation aimed to become live by the end of 2018;
    4. International companies in Malta with predominantly foreign management and income can reduce their corporate tax rate down to 5%, one of the lowest in the EU!
    5. The largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily traded value, Binance moved out of Hong Kong to Malta in early 2018. This move is expected to be followed by similar exchanges, such as Neufund and OKEX Technology.
  • Planned cryptocurrency legislation in Malta

    1. The Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act (MDIA Act) will establish the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, which will develop and regulate cryptocurrency business in Malta. This will be the main legislative body issuing specialised licenses for cryptocurrency businesses;
    2. The Technology Arrangement Services Act (TAS Act) will support registration of technology and blockchain service providers, and mainly crypto-exchanges. This licensing legislation will operate similarly to the Gibraltar’s Distributed Ledger Technology regime;
    3. The Virtual Currencies Act (VC Act) will impose a framework for initial coin offerings (ICOs) that are only related to virtual currency trade. When live this will be the second ICO regulation operating in Europe, following Switzerland.
  • Gaming and cryptocurrency business advantages in Malta

    Malta is a leading the emerging industry of online gaming companies that accept and facilitate payments with cryptocurrency.
    View our detailed table below for relevant, up to date information minimal requirements to register a gaming crypto structure in Malta:

    Type of entity LLC
    Resident director required No
    Local agent required? Yes
    Type of license required Remote gambling license
    Application submission Government fee US$
    Timeframe to prepare application 2,800
    Annual license costs US$8,500
    Total engagement timeframe 5 months
    Regulatory authority LGA Malta
    Crypto-friendly image? Yes
    Can accept cryptocurrency payments? Yes
    Audit required? Yes
    Cryptocurrency corporate bank account requires travel? No
    Total engagement fees? €31,435

  • How to incorporate a business in Malta?

    Incorporation steps

    1. Minimal share capital: Healy Consultants assist our Client submit the minimal issued share capital required, €233;
    2. Document preparation: within a week, our team will draft initial corporate documentation, including memorandum and articles of association and email incorporation forms;
    3. Registry of Companies submission: Following courier of signed company incorporation forms, Healy Consultants submits a complete company formation application to MFSA;
    4. Tax registration: Our team will then obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the Inland Revenue Department.

    Post-incorporation steps

    1. Cryptocurrency-friendly corporate bank account: Within 8 weeks and without personal travel required, Healy Consultants opens a crypto-friendly corporate bank account for our Client. To view different crypto-friendly banking solutions, view our dedicated map;
    2. Engagement completion: Following engagement completion, Healy Consultants couriers the full company setup kit to our Client including original Maltese corporate documents, unopened crypto-friendly bank correspondence, and a Client feedback survey.

    Important documents to register a Maltese company

    1. Apostilled passport copies for the proposed shareholders and directors;
    2. Legalized and translated company documents for all corporate shareholders;
    3. A legalized Power of Attorney to Healy Consultants’ Maltese registered agent to act on their behalf for company registration and bank account opening.
  • Fees

    Malta crypto-friendly business registration costs in Year 1 amount to €14,675 and annual company costs in Year 2 and thereafter amount to €9,400. Within 10 weeks, my team will supply you with i) a Malta company and tax registration number and ii) a Valletta city centre business address, iii) a local crypto-friendly multi-currency corporate bank account;
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