Import and export licensing procedures in 2024

Importing goods into Mexico

Import and export licensing procedures

  • An already tax registered company looking to import goods into Mexico will be required to register with the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and be listed on the Padrón de Importadores, the official register of importers;
  • Large companies engaged in importation of multiple products including chemicals, auto parts and agricultural products must additionally apply to be listed on the Specific Sectoral Importers Registry by the Secretariat;
  • The importer must then obtain an import requisition (pedimento de importación) from the Ministry of Economy that includes a bill of lading, commercial invoice, an exemption permit and a certificate demonstrating compliance with the Mexican product safety regulations;
  • It is strongly advisable to hire the services of an experienced resident importing agent to handle the administrative formalities and the customs clearance procedures with the local government authorities;
  • The import tax rate applicable in Mexico varies from 0% to the standard rate of 15% depending on the location of the company’s activities and/or the type of product being imported into the country;
  • Companies importing controlled products such as healthcare products and medical devices are obliged to appoint a Mexico resident distributor or legal representative who is registered with the Mexico Secretariat of Health (SSA).

Exporting goods out of Mexico

  • Individuals and legal entities looking to export goods out of Mexico must first registered with the Federal Register of Taxpayers and obtain a tax identification number;
  • Registration in the Sectoral Export Register in only required if certain good including tobacco, alcoholic and flavoured beverages, energy drinks, fossil fuel and pesticides are involved;
  • The exporter must also prepare a comprehensive customs declaration (pedimento de exportacion) that includes i) origin, global and unit value and components of items ii) applicable customs fees and iii) export agent and the receiving consignee details;
  • It is vital to contract the services of a customs agent to i) apply for the pedimento from the SHCP ii) prepare and include all the required information and documents and iii) submit the same with the customs authority and settle the applicable fees;
  • Certain items including hydrocarbons, antiques and archaeological remains, crude oil products and derivatives and natural asphalt are prohibited for export by the Mexican government;
  • Exporters must make sure to comply by the Mexico General Import and Export Tax Law (TIGIE) and also adhere to the destination country’s established regulations.

How Healy Consultants can help

  • We will project manage the A to Z of registration procedures of our Client’s company as an import or exporter with the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit by completing and filling registration application forms;
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Economy to secure the pedimento de importacion or pedimento de exportacion or both;
  • If required, assist our client engage i) a quality local customs clearing agent and/or ii) source for certified Mexican distributors to handle smooth logistics procedures on the ground;
  • Advise on the legal, accounting and compliance requirements to ensure all shipments in and out of the country are processed as per the law.

Contact us

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