Success tips when doing business in Mexico in 2024

doing business in Mexico

Doing business in Mexico:

  1. Although the influence of foreign multinationals cannot be ignored, most indigenous Mexican companies will be hierarchical in structure;
  2. Key business decisions are always made by a small number of individuals at the top of the hierarchy. Entrepreneurs should ensure that they are dealing with the right people;
  3. As not all local Mexico companies are well-versed with international trade, we encourage our Clients to consistently use and sign contracts of service;
  4. Success in business negotiations with Mexican business people comes down to the ability to create effective personal relationships and to present logically-sound business plans;
  5. Agendas are not always used in meetings and if they are produced will not always be strictly followed.

Business etiquette to be aware of:

  1. Initial meetings should be focused mostly on relationship building, with small talk crucial towards building trust with your Mexican business partner;
  2. During business dealings, business persons should make sure that they send people of the appropriate level of seniority to deal with colleagues. Sending a junior colleague to meet a senior manager is considered an insult;
  3. In Mexico, personal relationships are at the heart of business dealings. Entrepreneurs should look to take the time to cultivate strong, long-term relationships with prospective business partners.

Interesting facts about Mexico?

  1. The official name for Mexico is the “United Mexican States”;
  2. The national symbol of Mexico is the “golden eagle”
  3. In Mexico, people from the USA are referred to as “North Americans” rather than “Americans”. Mexicans also consider themselves “Americans”;
  4. Mexico is the 3rd highest exporter of honey in the world;
  5. The border between USA and Mexico is the 2nd longest in the world;
  6. Chihuahua dogs are named after a place in Mexico;
  7. Mexico City is the oldest city in North America;
  8. By population, Mexico is ranked 11th in the world. By land mass, it is ranked 14th;
  9. Scorpion stings are 10 times more common than snake bites in Mexico, and just as frequently prove fatal;
  10. Mexico has more Spanish speakers than any other country in the world;
  11. Mexico City produces enough sewage to fill an Olympic swimming pool every minute;
  12. Mexico is the world’s second-biggest producer of horse meat, just behind China.

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