Why we charge project management fees in 2024?

  1. Healy Consultants Group engagement fees are quoted in advance, even if it is a 6 or 12-month engagement! Our multi-national Clients’ have certainty, without hidden fees arising later;
  2. We do not charge hourly rates for consultancy, advisory and ongoing support during our Client engagements;
  3. Healy Consultants Group charges project management fees when an engagement is complex and will last many months. For example, Saudi Arabian business set up takes 11 months;
  4. Healy Consultants Group project management fee covers time and resources relating to:
    • thoroughly research and plan business set up including preparing a detailed project plan (click link);
    • devising strategies to i) minimise the total engagement period ii) complete the engagement without our Client travelling iii) avoid the need for a local shareholder and iv) avoid the need for a specific regulatory license;
    • agreeing the optimum corporate structure with our Client, while legally minimizing international tax;
    • choosing the optimum regulatory license for our Client business activities (if required);
    • injecting the paid-up share capital on our Client’s behalf;
    • collating and supervising the legalisation and attestation and translation of Client documents;
    • weekly detailed engagement status updates to our Client and weekly Friday conference calls;
    • payment of retainer fees to multiple local lawyers and accountants;
    • finding solutions to challenges that occur throughout the engagement;
    • determining the local and international tax obligations of the new entity, including corporate income tax, payroll taxes, withholding tax and sales taxes;
    • visiting Government Departments to skilfully but aggressively negotiate solutions;
    • preparing a business plan to increase the probability of Government and bank approvals;
    • every week during the engagement, Healy Consultants Group emails our Client a detailed email engagement status update. Our Client is immediately informed of engagement problems together with solutions. In your preferred language, your dedicated engagement Project Manager can communicate via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, sms, WeChat, Telegram, QQ, Facebook Messenger or Line Messenger;
  5. If an engagement is completed sooner and easier than anticipated, Healy Consultants refunds part of these fees to our Client;
  6. If an engagement proves to be more complex and time consuming than anticipated, Healy Consultants will revert to our Client for additional fees;

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