Fees payment

Payment by credit card or PayPal

Click the icon to login to your PayPal account or chose to settle our fees by debit or credit card.

Important! Kindly add an additional 5.5% processing fee to the final invoice amount. This processing fee is payable by Clients who wish to settle our fees through this method.

Fees payment types

Bitcoin payment guide

NEW! Healy Consultants Group PLC accepts payments from global Clients in Bitcoin, directly via our bitcoin payment address.

How to pay Healy Consultants using Bitcoin?

  1. Confirm with your dedicated Client Relationship Manager the final invoice to settle to Healy Consultants Group PLC;
  2. Get a Bitcoin wallet;
  3. Verify the daily exchange rate between invoice fiat currency and bitcoin to make sure you are transferring the correct sum;
  4. Move the funds from your passive wallet to your spending wallet;
  5. Activate the payment blockchain window in your cryptocurrency wallet Client;
  6. Include our Bitcoin payment address: 1HU4irvJQDZeLDQZ2X8Ga68KmXgfxM8EGk
  7. In the “description” field, include the following information: i) your full name, ii) business address and iii) specific professional service required;
  8. Send your dedicated Client Relationship Manager the confirmation of the transaction.

Check this list of most popular Payment Protocol compatible wallets.
Check the average daily bitcoin exchange rate.

Fees terms & conditions

To eliminate credit risk, Healy Consultants will only fulfill a customer order and provide consulting services after our professional fees are paid. Healy Consultants cannot accept an order cancellation or amendment after an order is placed with our firm.

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For additional information on our incorporation services, please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
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