Poland migration in 2024

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group has been assisting our Clients with migration services around the world. Our experienced team will agree with our Client the optimum migration strategy for securing a work permit, including selecting the best type of work permit, sensible investment criteria and efficiently project manage your engagement to a timely completion.

  • Our Polish work permit migration strategy

    1. To secure a work permit in the European Union (EU), a non-EU investor should i) sign and return our Healy Consultants Group engagement letter; ii) provide company and individual due diligence and iii) settle our professional fees
    2. Before advancing a Polish engagement, to sponsor a work permit, our Client should decide whether to incorporate a new company following these ten steps, or purchase a readymade shelf company with an already opened ING corporate bank account. Your engagement can be completed with or without your personal travel to Poland
    3. To increase likelihood of work permit approval, Healy Consultants recommends our Client to consider investing in the following economic substance criteria:
      • funding a minimum of €50,000 paid in capital;
      • prepare a detailed business and investment plan;
      • begin engaging with European Clients and suppliers via proforma invoices;
      • securing lease agreement for office/warehouse space; and
      • undertaking to hire locally Polish employees.
  • Work permit application steps

    1. When ready, Healy Consultants will prepare to collate personal and corporate documentation following our work permit documentary checklist (link to this file:
      View PDF
    2. Thereafter, our team prepare quality migration applications, sign off both from employer and employee side, and duly submit to governments and immigration authorities as follows:
      • Collecting employment details from the Employer’s side
      • Preparing required applications for Employer’s signature
      • Collecting signed documents from Employer
      • Obtaining opinion from Local Labour office that there is no Polish candidate on applied job position – up to three weeks (obligatory in case of Work Permit type A, doesn’t apply in case of Work Permit type B). Estimated timeframe for answer from Labour office is three weeks
      • Submitting work permit application in Immigration office. Estimated timeframe for answer from Immigration office is four weeks to three months
      • Collecting the work permit formal documentation and courier to our Client. Sending work permit and invitation letter to the applicant
      • Booking an appointment for submitting visa application and filling visa application
      • Collecting passport with stamped visa – after about 15 days from the day of submitting application
      • Arriving to Poland based on the visa with right to work and work permit to Poland and starting to perform the relevant employment work
  • Types of Polish work permits

    • Work permit Type A: For foreigners offered employment by a Polish employer.
    • Work permit Type B: For foreigners employed as directors or members of the board.
    • Work permit Type C: For foreigners working in Poland through an intra-company transfer.
    • Work permit Type D: For foreigners sent to work in Poland in export services without local entity.
    • Work permit Type E: For foreigners sent to work in Poland for other reasons.
    • Work Type S: For foreign individuals working in agriculture or accommodation without local entity.
  • Fees

    Average visa fees start from €4,950 depending on the type of visa. Contact us for details.

    Example for steps required to secure Polish visa once Work permit has been secured:

    Based on the information from the official website of Polish Consulate in New Delhi until further notice, visa applications will be accepted only at VFS Global centers. It will not be possible to submit applications directly at the Consulate.

    DETAILS OF VFS IN NEW DELHI Please find all details in below link:

    Address of the Visa application centre: 50-M Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021

    HOW TO APPLY Step 1 Book an appointment on https://secure2.e-konsulat.gov.pl/placowki/212

    Step 2 Select the service from the menu on the left: National Visa – Register Form.

    Step 3 Enter and save a preliminary visa application. Remember that the data entered in the application must be the same as the data in your documents.
    You will receive a request to confirm the preliminary application to the e-mail address provided. You have to confirm your application within 48 hours.

    Step 4 After you confirm the preliminary application, your data will be verified. You will receive information on the results via e-mail. Positive result of verification entitles you to complete the full visa application within the next 48 hours. If the application is not completed within this time, your booking will be cancelled and the data removed from the system.

    If there are more correctly verified applications for a given consulate than the available visit dates in a given period, the date of appointment will be assigned via an electronic draw.

    After your application has been drawn, information about the date of the visit will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you. Other applications will take part in subsequent draws until they are drawn or until the expiry of the document entitling you to work in Poland.

    Step 5 Pay applicable Fee: Submission Officer will advise you on total payable amount and guide you to the cashier where you need to pay. Separate receipt will be provided for all payments made at the cashier counter.

    Required documents for visa application
    TWO actual colorful biometrical photographs Two (2) up-to-date biometric photos meeting the criteria:

    • Must be an up-to-date photograph (dated max six-month-old)
    • Must be a colour photograph printed on normal photographic paper
    • The passport photo must be 35 by 45 mm (width x height)
    • Width: from ear to ear, between 16 mm and 20 mm
    • Height: from age 11: from chin to crown, between 26 and 30 mm
    • up to age 11: from chin to crown, between 19 and 30 mm
    • Full face taken straight forward 30 mm from point of the chin to top of hair
    • Taken against a white background
    • Without sunglasses
    • Without hat or other head covering unless you wear this for religious reasons
    • Spectacles should not have toned or reflecting glasses
    • The frame of the spectacles may not cover the eyes

    Please note that the Visa application Centre may not accept photographs that do not meet these specifications. In case photos are not meeting the requirements mentioned above Submission Officer might ask to provide updated / recent photos

    Filled in visa application form
    Original passport
    • Valid passport and two copies of its first page. The passport should contain the signature and be valid for at least three months after the visa is valid. The validity of the passport cannot exceed ten years. It should contain at least two blank pages (for visas)
    • Original + copy
    • Signed and filled in by applicant
    • Attached
    Flight itinerary (reservation only)
    • Flight ticket reservation (please do not buy a ticket until visa will be granted)
    Travel medical insurance (TMI)
    • One copy of the certificate of TMI issued by a company from the list of approved Indian insurance companies which meet the necessary conditions (handwritten certificates will not be accepted)
    • The name of the insured should be written in Latin alphabet; TMI must be valid in the Schengen area and for the entire duration of stay; the TMI's minimum coverage is €30,000 and it must cover the costs of any emergency medical treatment and repatriation for medical reasons as well as in case of death repatriation of the deceased)
    • You need to get the insurance required for your visa application from the companies you can see below:
      • HDFC ERGO Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd.)
        • Travel Insurance – Individual
        • Travel Insurance – Family
        • Travel Insurance – Student
        • Frequent Flyers Insurance
      • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
        • Individual Travel Insurance Plan
        • Family Travel Insurance Plan
        • Student Travel Insurance
        • Senior Citizen Travel
      • Future Generali India Insurance Co. Ltd.
        • Future Easy Travel Worldwide
        • Future Easy Travel Schengen
        • Overseas Travel Insurance
        • Student Travel Plan
      • Bharti AXA General Insurance Co. Ltd.
        • Schengen Travel Insurance
        • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance (Excluding USA/Canada)
        • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance (Including USA/Canada)
        • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
        • Frequent Traveller Travel Insurance
      • Max Bupa Health Insurance
        • Health Premia (Gold or Platinum)
      • TATA AIG General Insurance
        • Travel Guard Policy (Plans Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Platinum, Senior, Annual Multi Trip policies)
        • Student Guard Overseas Health Insurance Plan(Plan A, Plan B, Ultimate, Ultimate Plus & Supreme)
        • Group Overseas Travel Guard
        • Business Travel Accident (Group Personal Accident &Business Travel Accident)
      • ICICI Lombard General Insurance
        • International Travel Insurance
        • Globetrotter - Overseas Individual student Travel Insurance
        • Overseas Group Travel Insurance
        • Globetrotter - Overseas Group Travel Insurance
        • Voyager Travel Insurance (Group)
      • Manipal Cigna
        • Travel Insurance Policy
      • IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Limited
        • International Travel Insurance
    Certificates and documents confirming vocational education and qualification
    • Diploma + job certificates
    • Original + copy
    Confirmation of financial means
    • It can be provided in the form of: recent bank statement for the last three to six months stamped by the bank, and translated into English or Polish; OR if you don’t have the bank account, any other document confirming that you poses financial means, for example; signed travel cheques, bank statement of credit card’s limits; you can see the details in attached document
    • Original + copy
    Proof of accommodation in Poland
    • e.g. hotel reservation, rental agreement, document confirming your accommodation in Poland
    • Original + copy
    Visa fee for national visa
    • Visa fee (non-refundable even if the application is rejected) ₹7,054 / €80
    • Visa fee must be paid in cash or card upon submitting the application
    • The applicable visa fee in Indian Rupees is as per the current exchange rate. The same is subject to change without notice
    • In case of visa refusal, the fee will not be returned
    Covering Letter from company side
    • Attached. Please sign and stamp it
    • Original + copy
    Work Permit
    • Will be delivered to you by the company via courier from Poland
    • Original + copy


    KRS (National Court Register)
    • Attached
    • Please print 2x
    Business plan
    • Print 2x
    A copy of an identity document confirming legal residence in the consular district of the facility where you apply for a visa
    • ID card or residency card – Original + copy
    Additional optional document
    • Police Clearance Certificate
    Copies of biometric page of passport and Polish or Schengen visas issued in last three years
    • Original + copy
    • All above documents need to be submitted IN PERSON on the appointment date and time
    • ATTENTION: The requested documents should be up to date (max. three months old)
    • In every case the Consular Division reserves the right to ask for additional documentation
    • The standard visa processing time is usually 15 days, but in justified cases it may be extended up to 30 days
  • Other considerations

    Clients should note that the power of approval for all work permit applications is out of Healy Consultants Group’s control. What is in our control is the preparation of a quality application to be submitted to the government and/or immigration authorities.

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