South Africa client case studies

French Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) consultant ventures into Africa


South Africa company registration case studiesOur client, Mr. Julien Voisey, based out of France, is an independent consultant, Safety and Environment engineer and founder of Epione Consulting, a company specialized in HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) consultancy for industrial and technological companies. He wished to establish a company and bank account in Africa in order to venture into the lucrative African HSE consultancy markets. Having found Healy Consultants Group PLC business website through Google, Mr. Voisey approached Healy Consultants in October 2016 to determine the best country in Africa to register his business. After expert analysis and consultation with Healy Consultants’ Africa business setup experts, Mr. Voisey decided to register his company in South Africa.

Engagement planning

Healy Consultants prepared and emailed Mr. Voisey an engagement advancement proposal for setting up a South Africa private limited company. Upon receipt of scan copies of the signed engagement letter and the required due diligence documents from Mr. Voisey a detailed engagement plan, a virtual office agreement and detailed business plan to facilitate bank account opening. The engagement plan included a detailed step-by-step engagement overview to ensure that there would be no surprises for Mr. Voisey during the engagement. Mr. Voisey then settled Healy Consultants engagement fees in three instalments and confirmed his required corporate structure for the South African company, with himself acting as sole shareholder and Healy Consultants acting as the nominee resident director, public officer and South Africa resident company secretary.

Company incorporation

Healy Consultants conducted a name search with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa (CIPC) and received an approval for Mr. Voisey’s preferred company name ‘Epione Global Consulting Pty Ltd’. Healy Consultants then obtained the necessary company incorporation documents from the CIPC, prepared the memorandum of incorporation and a power of attorney and emailed the same to Mr. Voisey for signature. Upon receipt of scans of the signed aforementioned documents, Healy Consultants submitted a complete quality company incorporation application to CIPC for consideration. Within 10 business days, Healy Consultants obtained full set of approved incorporation documents from the CIPC including a certificate of incorporation, and immediately forwarded the same to Mr. Voisey. Within one day Healy Consultants prepared the Share Certificates, Directors Resolution and Inaugural Minutes and emailed the same to Mr. Voisey for signature.

Corporate bank signatory change

With the company successfully incorporated and tax number received, Healy Consultants approached multiple South African banks to assist Mr. Voisey secure corporate bank account for the newly registered entity. Healy Consultants and Mr. Voisey settled for Nedbank as the preferred banking institutions, thereafter Healy Consultants banking team obtained and prepared the corporate bank account opening form and emailed the same to Mr. Voisey for signature. Further, Nedbank advised that the bank forms had to be notarized and apostilled being Mr. Voisey was based outside of South Africa. Upon receipt of the signed, notarized and attested forms, Healy Consultants banking team submitted a quality corporate bank account application to Nedbank for consideration. Within 3 weeks thereafter, the multicurrency corporate bank account was approved by Nedbank without Mr. Voisey having to travel to South Africa.

Engagement completion

Upon receipt of all the original company incorporation documents from CIP and internet banking correspondence from Nedbank, Healy Consultants couriered the complete company kit to Mr. Voisey’s preferred address in France.

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