Jersey offshore company

Jersey offshore company

setting up an offshore company in Jersey

  1. An offshore company based in Jersey is a popular entity when i) conducting international financial services business ii) engaging in trading with the UK or France or iii) when buying and selling real estate in UK or France;
  2. When conducting international business, incorporating an offshore company in Jersey is not the optimum choice because i) it is a tax haven entity and does not look good to customers and suppliers ii) it has limited double taxation treaty access. As a more effective alternative, Healy Consultants recommends our Clients utilize more tax transparent entities like Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ireland or Dubai;
  3. If our Client prefers a Jersey entity, Healy Consultants recommends incorporating a Jersey PLC to look good to customers and suppliers. There are minor additional costs and few additional administrative obligations over the traditional private limited company;
  4. While a Jersey offshore limited liability company is expensive to set up, it is inexpensive to maintain annually because there are minimal annual accounting and tax obligations;
  5. Healy Consultants assists our Clients to support their offshore business with i) a corporate bank account in every country in the world ii) a business address in every country in the world and iii) an EU VAT number (if required) iv) an international merchant account and v) an international brokerage account;
  6. If properly structured, a Jersey company will not suffer corporation tax on i) international income ii) all forms of dividends and iii) capital gains.

What is a Jersey offshore company?

  • An offshore company is also known as a non-resident company or a paper company;
  • An offshore company is exempt from Jersey i) capital gains taxes ii) withholding tax iii) value added tax iv) sales tax and v) accumulated earnings taxes and vi) all forms of income tax;
  • Healy Consultants legally structures the offshore company supported with i) a local business address provided by a locally-licensed trust company and ii) a corporate bank account in London, Germany or Singapore;
  • An offshore company in Jersey is incorporated within one week, with a minimum of one shareholder and one director. The minimum paid up share capital is £1 and our Clients do not need to travel to complete the engagement.

Uses of Jersey offshore company

  • A Jersey offshore business can conduct international trading through a legally tax exempt entity while looking good to Clients, investors, suppliers, banks and Governments;
  • A Jersey offshore entity can conduct global business through a legally tax exempt entity domiciled in a country of strong laws and stable Government. A country that i) supports international arbitration ii) boasts strong contract law iii) is a signatory to WIPO and iv) houses laws that protect company investments;
  • The offshore company can house global trademarks and intellectual property;
  • By registering an offshore company in Jersey, our Clients can use it as a regional or global holding company and receive regular investment income including dividends and management fees;
  • Some of our Clients support their offshore company with i) an offshore merchant account to receive tax exempt online credit card sales and ii) an offshore corporate brokerage account to trade global securities while enjoying legal tax exemption;
  • Our Clients use Jersey offshore companies for i) international trading ii) a holding company iii) a shipping company iv) own real estate v) own copyright and patents vi) international consulting services.

Jersey offshore banking options

  • Healy Consultants assists our Clients to open a corporate bank account with one of the top 10 global banks in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, USA or Germany.

Offshore company fees and timelines

  • Jersey offshore company incorporation costs in year 1 amount to £6,000 and annual company costs in year 2 and thereafter amount to £4,750. Average engagement fees approximate £11,960 including i) offshore Jersey company formation ii) opening an international corporate bank account iii) international virtual office address. Press this tab to view a sample draft invoice for more details:

Offshore company annual administrative obligations

  • Annual tax returns must be submitted to the authorities. Healy Consultants assists our Clients to efficiently and effectively complete this annual statutory obligation;
  • Every offshore Jersey entity must lodge an annual return confirming relevant details of the company including i) names and addresses of all directors, ii) address of principal place of business and iii) details of shareholders and their shareholdings;
  • An offshore company must appoint a resident company secretary and maintain a legal registered office. The majority of our Clients appoint Healy Consultants’ preferred Jersey trust company to fill these legal positions.

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