Luxembourg corporate bank account

Luxembourg corporate bank account

Luxembourg is a renowned banking centre in the heart of Europe. It has a highly advanced infrastructure, making a Luxembourg bank account a secure, long-term solution for international entrepreneurs. The following information will help you determine whether a corporate bank account in Luxembourg is the optimum solution for you:

  1. Luxembourg is a reputable, politically-stable European country in which to open a corporate bank account;
  2. banking solutions in Luxembourg

  3. A corporate bank account in Luxembourg portrays an excellent image internationally, important to your suppliers and customers;
  4. The process to open a corporate bank account is straightforward;
  5. A business bank account is key to setting up a business in Luxembourg;
  6. Healy Consultants can open a corporate bank account on our Client’s behalf without our Client needing to visit Luxembourg. This is because of our close relationship with Luxembourg banks including HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Citibank;
  7. Entrepreneurs planning to open a Luxembourg bank account should note that the Grand Duchy is a member of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), which supports the exchange of bank customer information with fellow members;
  8. hsbc bankA Luxembourg corporate banking options offer accounts in multiple currencies;
  9. A business bank account in Luxembourg is supported by a range of additional banking services, including international trade services (import finance, export services, risk management, and e-commerce) and investment banking services (for international private Clients, international and local companies and trusts, charities, and personal and corporate pension schemes);
  10. For Healy Consultants to open a corporate bank account without the Client visiting Luxembourg, we require certain due diligence information including: notarized copies of passport and driving licence of all directors; the company’s corporate documents, including certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles and directors/trustees resolutions. This documentation must be certified by the local branch of the Luxembourg bank (or by a notary public) in the Client’s home country and evidence of the company’s nature of business provided (e.g. sample invoices or purchase orders etc.).

Healy Consultants’ fees to help open a Luxembourg corporate bank account

Our fee to assist you to open a corporate bank account in Luxembourg amounts to US$3,950. This fee includes:

  1. citibank accountHealy Consultants’ international banking team completing the Luxembourg corporate bank account application form on behalf of our Client, along with obtaining our Client’s signature;
  2. Preparing a detailed business plan relating to our Client’s company to support the application. The business plan provides information on the company’s activities, products and services offered, details of the company’s suppliers, and references to its Clients and intended markets;
  3. Submitting the completed application form and the business plan to the bank, together with the corporate, and personal due diligence documents outlined above;
  4. Attending an interview with a bank in Luxembourg by a local Healy Consultants officer on your behalf, describing your global business activities and explaining why you require the corporate bank account. As described above, Healy Consultants can open a Luxembourg business bank account without the bank signatory and beneficial owners’ presence;
  5. Paying the initial bank deposit to the Luxembourg bank on our Client’s behalf. A scanned copy of the bank deposit slip is emailed to our Client as verification of the same;
  6. Applying for internet banking facilities to allow our Client to conduct their banking activities remotely;
  7. standard charteredHealy Consultants applying for a credit card, ATM card and cheque book, on the Client’s behalf, to complement the newly opened bank account;
  8. Healy Consultants’ international banking team receiving approval from Luxembourg for the opening of the corporate bank account;
  9. Healy Consultants receiving the internet banking login and password information in a sealed envelope, passed directly to our Client;
  10. Healy Consultants receiving a corporate cheque book in a sealed package that is passed directly to our Client;
  11. Healy Consultants receiving credit and ATM cards in a sealed envelope that is forwarded directly to our Client.

Please note that our fee to open the corporate bank account does not include the initial deposit required by the bank.

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