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  1. In March 2010, the Sunday Telegraph reported that most of Kim Jong-Il’s US$4 billion in secret accounts was in Luxembourg banks;
  2. The country is widely used in corporate structuring for cross-border investments, but due to its place in Europe’s political environment it must constantly adapt its tax legislation to avoid conflict with the tax authorities of other EU countries. For example, the classic tax exempt Luxembourg 1929 Holding Company was outlawed on 31st December 2010. The regime was held to be an illegal state aid by the European Commission. The European Commission is now investigating further allegations of Luxembourg state aid in the form of private tax deals with international companies;
  3. The government of Luxembourg has successfully attracted many start up companies; eBay, Amazon and Skype are just three technology companies to have moved their European headquarters to Luxembourg;
  4. The most significant part of the Grand Duchy’s economy is its flourishing financial sector, which comprises more than 200 banks, 1,900 investment funds and 20,000 holding companies;
  5. The population of the Grand Duchy is of approximately 449,000. The Luxembourgers are generally fluent in French, German and English in addition to their mother tongue, Luxembourgish;
  6. In 1867 Luxembourg gained independence from Germany and organized itself as a constitutional monarchy with the legislative power vested in a democratically elected parliament. The legal system is based on the Napoleonic code and is therefore similar to the Belgian and French legal systems;
  7. Luxembourg is an EU member with a stable government, economy and legal system and therefore portrays a positive image to Clients, suppliers and investors;
  8. Foreign employees working full time in Luxembourg often feel “bored” because of the lack of intellectual entertainment in the country.

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