Argentina employment visas in 2024

business support services for new company formation in Argentina After formation of their company in Argentina, foreign entrepreneurs and professionals need to apply for a visa in order to be eligible for work in Argentina. After Argentina business formation, Healy Consultants will guide our Clients through the application process and assist them in all immigration matters. Different applicable visas are as follows:

Business visas

  • A business visa (Article 24 H) is granted to individuals who i) visit for official work ii) form an Argentina company, for 60 days with a possibility of extension;
  • Documents for individuals traveling for official work i) valid travel document ii) purpose and duration of the trip iii) contact details of companies to be visited and iv) letter stating whether or not the traveler’s employer company assumes all financial and legal responsibility;
  • Documents for owner of Argentina company include i) copy of Argentina company formation ii) last tax return and payment receipt iii) valid travel document.

Employment visa

  • Foreigners who wish to work and live in Argentina are granted employment visas “Article 23 E visa”, valid for one year that can be extended;
  • Necessary documents include i) employment contract ii) valid passport iii) return flight ticket iv) details of the employer;
  • Visa processing time and costs vary from one country to another.

Tourist visa

  • A visitor (tourist) visa is valid for 3 months;
  • Documents required include: i) valid passport and ii) sufficient funds for the trip; iii) round trip flight ticket;
  • Visa fees and processing time is different for different countries.

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