Nominee shareholders and directors in 2024

For every country in the world, Healy Consultants can act as nominee professional, passive director and shareholder.

  • Why do Clients' require nominee shareholders and directors?

    appoint a nominee shareholder or director

    1. To fulfill statutory requirements, a resident directors or shareholder is required in some countries. For example, a resident directors is required in Singapore, Ireland, Brazil and Australia (click link). A resident shareholder is required in Indonesia and Kuwait. Until they employ local staff, many of our Clients’ appoint Healy Consultants as the nominee professional, passive directors and shareholders;
    2. The minimum number of shareholders and directors varies depending on the jurisdiction, from just one shareholder and director in Singapore (click link) to a minimum of 7 shareholders in Thailand (click link) or 5 directors in the Philippines (click link). Some of Clients’ request Healy Consultants to supply nominee professional, passive directors and shareholders to fill these quotas;
    3. For transparency purposes, all reputable, developed countries boast an online public register of shareholders’ and directors’. Some of our Clients’ require confidentiality for a variety of reasons including i) during mergers and acquisitions ii) competitor protection. To protect their identity, the beneficial owner of a company will appoint Healy Consultants as the nominee professional, passive directors and shareholders;
    4. To help secure Government and bank approvals, some clients appoint Healy Consultants as the nominee professional, passive directors and shareholders. For example, if we act as resident directors in most countries then the probability of employment visa approval is increased. If Healy Consultants act as resident director, the probability of corporate bank account approval increases.
  • How is our Client protected?

    1. Healy Consultants will supply our Clients’ with detailed due diligence information about each nominee professional, passive director and shareholder;
    2. Only our Client will be the sole bank signatory, not Healy Consultants;
    3. Healy Consultants and our Client sign a service agreement outlining terms and conditions to protect both parties;
    4. In every country in the world, Healy Consultants provides nominee professional, passive directors and shareholders. To minimize reputation risk, it is not in our interests to get involved in the daily business of our Clients’;
    5. However, using nominee services does not waive our Clients’ obligations to disclose their income and assets and to fulfill their tax obligations. We do not provide such services to facilitate tax evasion and will actively collaborate with banks and Governments to make sure that taxation and AML/CFT regulations are complied with.
  • Other professional global nominee services

    1. Some of our Clients’ wish to appoint Healy Consultants as active nominee professional, directors and shareholders. Our role could include signing Government forms, tax returns, financial statements;
    2. Healy Consultants provides legal representative services (click link) for South American companies.
    3. Healy Consultants also provides resident director services (click link)
  • Healy Consultants fees

    1. If our Client requires professional, passive nominee shareholder and director services, Healy Consultants will be pleased to assist. Our fee to be just the corporate nominee shareholder amounts to US$2,100 per annum. If our Client wishes to appoint Healy Consultants as the sole nominee director and shareholder of their company, then our annual fee is US$8,600. Being the sole shareholders and directors of a Client company exposes Healy Consultants to reputation, litigation and financial risk;
    2. It is important our Clients are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile; and they will fulfill those obligations annually. Let us know if you need Healy Consultants help to clarify your local and international annual tax reporting obligations;
    3. For a high-risk business, Healy Consultants Group annual professional passive nominee resident director and shareholder fees may be higher. For example, Bitcoin / Crypto-currency business or retail forex brokerage business etc. Before we sign an engagement letter, the exact annual fee will be agreed between our Client and Healy Consultants Group.

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