Success tips when doing business in Croatia in 2024

doing business in Croatia

  1. Croat greetings during first meetings tend to be conservative and reserved. A handshake and direct eye contact are expected. In general, refer to business persons by their surname unless invited to call them by their first name;
  2. Straightforward talk is most highly valued in Croatia. Be direct, while making sure to choose your words in a diplomatic fashion to avoid the other person taking offense;
  3. Meeting schedules are generally followed loosely Croatia. Time is often not a factor during meetings, so lengthy meetings can be expected;
  4. Some level of small talk is expected before jumping into business. Discussing business immediately is widely considered rude behaviour;
  5. When you are starting a new business in Croatia, it is important to find out what Croat registrations and licenses apply to your firm. This can be a complex area, as local, state, territory and federal governments handle registration and licensing for various aspects of your business.

Interesting facts about Croatia

  1. Croatian has so many different dialects that people from different sides of the country are completely incapable of communicating with one another;
  2. The famous scientist Nikolas Tesla was born in the village Smiljan in Croatia;
  3. Croatia was responsible for inventing and popularizing one of the world’s most common business clothing pieces; the necktie;
  4. Croatia is home to the smallest town in the world. The town of Hum in Istria has a population of just 23;
  5. Croats used their own alphabet, called the “glagoljica” that was popularly used until the mid-18th century;
  6. Croatia is a member of i) The United Nations ii) Council of Europe iii) NATO iv) Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe v) European Union.

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