Italy Investor Visa and Tax Regime in 2024

Since 2004, Healy Consultants Group has supported our Clients with timely business registration from A to Z in Italy and complete investor visa regime application.

In December 2017, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development launched an investor attraction programme, named “Investor Visa for Italy”, following the examples of other European Union Members such as i) Greece, ii) Portugal; iii) Spain and iv) Latvia.

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  • Advantages of the Italian Investor Visa scheme

    Securing an investor visa status in Italy is a great way to relocate to Europe, because:

    • Non-EU individuals will enjoy free movement within the EU Schengen area;
    • Ease of access to residence permits for the investor and their dependents;
    • The regime incorporates lucrative tax-regime for international-oriented businesses;
    • There are no annual visa quotas or other government limitations.
  • Minimal investment requirements

    To apply for a “Golden Visa” status, our Client should budget for the following minimal requirements:

    • Fund a new Italian start-up company with €1 million capital;
    • Participate in a philanthropic initiate with €1 million contribution;
    • Purchase Italian Government bonds for amount above €2 million;
    • Fund an innovative start-up business with a capital of at least €500,000;
    • Submit a written statement of undertaking above investments within 3 months from relocating to Italy;
    • Demonstrate adequate resources to live in Italy for extended periods of time.
  • Special tax regime

    Article 24-bis of Italy’s Tax Code (TUIR) aims to attract high-net worth individuals, the Investor Visa scheme holders enjoy lucrative tax benefits, valid for up to 15 years, including:

    • Normal corporate tax regime is substituted with lump corporate tax payment for income generated outside of Italy;
    • Investor visa holders will pay only €100,000 in corporate tax once per year on any amount of international income. This regime will be available to both EU and non-EU nationals;
    • For income derived within Italian borders, usual corporate tax of 27.5% will be applied;
    • Family members can also apply for this tax regime, limiting their international corporate tax exposure to only €25,000, for each dependent;
    • This tax regime will only apply for individuals that have not been resident in the country for 9 of the past 10 years.
  • How to apply

    Healy Consultants Group and our team will assist our Clients secure an Investor Visa in Italy within 2 months by following these steps:

    • Consultation: Before applying for an investor visa, our Client will: i) settle Healy Consultants Groups engagement fees and ii) sign our engagement letter and iii) provide relevant due diligence;
    • Engagement planning: Our Client will consider i) incorporating company in Italy with the help of Healy Consultants Group or ii) purchasing Government bonds or iii) participating in philanthropic program;
    • Investor Visa application: Once any of above investment initiatives are completed within relevant timeframe, Healy Consultants Group will assist our Client prepare Nulla Osta (certificate of no impediment) for submission to the relevant Committee. Once completed, Healy Consultants Group will schedule a meeting with the relevant Italian Embassy in our Client’s home country for 2-year investor visa application;
    • Permanent residence: Investors looking to secure residence permit status will have the opportunity to apply for after prolonged residence in Italy for a minimum of 5 years;
    • Italian passport: To apply for an Italian passport, our Client will need to reside in Italy for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Practical example

    A family of 4 relocates from Asia to Italy under the new Italian Investor visa program. The family’s business will enjoy the following tax advantages:

    • Fixed annual corporate tax payment of €100,000 for the main investor visa applicant and his business;
    • Fixed annual corporate tax payments of €25,000 for each investor visa dependent;
    • Exemption of all types of corporate and personal tax outside of the fixed annual payment;
    • Flat 27.5% corporate tax rate on income generated within Italy.
  • Comparison of European Investor Visa programs

    Country Portugal Spain Latvia Italy
    Gold Visa program available? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Minimal investment to apply 350,000 -500,000 €500,000 €275,000 500,000-2,000,000
    Application time estimate 2 months 2 months 2 months 2 months
    Permanent residence available? Immediate In 5 years Immediate In 5 years
    Naturalization available After 6 years After 10 years After 9 years After 10 years
    Validity for a period of? 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
    Schengen members travel? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Special tax regime available? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Quality of live High High Moderate High
    Healy Consultants fees? €7,950 €7,950 €7,950 €7,950

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