Government grants and incentives in Saudi Arabia in 2024

Business incentives

  • 100% foreign ownership of companies and property, including land;
  • No restrictions on the repatriation of capital and profits;
  • No sales tax or value added tax (VAT);
  • No personal income tax or property tax;
  • Ability to carry forward losses indefinitely;
  • 10-year tax incentives on investments in undeveloped provinces;
  • Exemption from import tariffs of spare parts, raw materials, and plant machinery.

Financial incentives

  • Up to SR1.2 billion (US$320 million)-worth of medium to long-term loans from the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF);
  • These loans are available for the establishment or upgrade of manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia;
  • SIDF also provides financial, administrative, technological and marketing advice to industrial firms;
  • Assistance of SMEs to secure loans from Saudi commercial banks though SIDF Loan Guarantee Program (Kafalah);
  • Up to SR3 million in interest-free loans from Saudi Credit & Savings Bank for the development of small enterprises;
  • Loans and grants from Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) for training and employment of Saudi nationals.

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