Saudi Arabia Government Relations Officer (GRO) in 2024

Saudi Arabia government processes are complex, requiring multiple follow ups and in-person visits to various departments. Consequently, it is common for our multinational Clients to hire a Saudi national Government Relations Officer (GRO) to act as liaison between the company and government authorities.

Saudi Arabia GRO responsibilities

The GRO’s responsibilities are predominantly administrative, and include:

  • Securely maintaining records of the entity and officers;
  • Helping the firm remain compliant;
  • Filing changes of company structure;
  • Reminding our Client of statutory deadlines;
  • Setting up business accounts on government sites (some only available in Arabic);
  • Applying for block visas;
  • Applying for and renewing Iqamas;
  • Company licence renewals;
  • Liaising with landlords;
  • PO box set ups.

GRO skillset

  • The individual must have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of Saudi local laws and regulations, including labour laws;
  • Proficient in i) writing and speaking Arabic and English languages and ii) due diligence collection and preparation;
  • Ability to process different procedures in accordance with local regulations, including immigration processes;
  • Familiarity with government e-services;
  • Have a Saudi Arabia driving licence.

Healy Consultant’s Saudi Arabia GRO services

  • Our multinational Clients require someone they can trust to carry out important legal and administrative functions on behalf of the company;
  • To help meet the Saudisation requirements and minimise complexity and costs, it is usual our Clients hire an in-house GRO Saudi national employee;
  • That said, if required Healy Consultants Group will provide a professional resident GRO for a one-time fee of US$5,950. This fee includes i) conducting initial candidate interviews ii) shortlisting up to five candidates iii) liaising with our preferred human resource agencies in KSA and iv) collecting and reviewing candidate due diligence and professional references;
  • Within three business weeks, our team will supply our Client with a minimum of five resumes of suitably-qualified candidates;
  • Following appointment, the monthly wage of this employee will be paid directly by our Client to the GRO. So you can plan, the average GRO monthly salary is US$1,150.

Contact us

For additional information on our business registration services in Saudi Arabia, please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
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