In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Program registration in 2024

Foreign investors looking to secure contracts from state oil company Saudi Aramco must i) register a Saudi Arabia entity ii) secure a licence from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority and iii) register with Saudi Aramco’s In Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program.

What is the IKTVA Program?

  • Aims to increase the amount of goods and services produced in Saudi Arabia and create jobs for Saudi nationals;
  • IKTVA-registered companies must demonstrate that they i) procure locally-manufactured goods and services and ii) hire a ‘substantial’ number of local employees;
  • Based on the above, a company is given an ‘IKTVA Score’;
  • The higher a company scores, the higher the probability Saudi Aramco will select you as a contractor or service provider.


The IKTVA Score takes into account:

  • The amount of local content in goods and services;
  • Salaries paid to Saudi nationals;
  • Training and development of Saudis;
  • Supplier development spending;
  • Research & Development;
  • Company revenue (spend from Saudi Aramco only).

Steps to register for IKTVA Program

  • Complete an IKTVA survey to generate an IKTVA Score;
  • Prepare an Investment Plan (see below);
  • Submit the survey, together with required supporting documents, to an approved audit Firm for certification;
  • Online submit certified survey package to Saudi Aramco for review.

Investment Plan

Regardless of IKTVA Score, all companies must prepare a tailored five-year Investment Plan. The document includes:

  • company overview and investment type
  • planned investment size
  • products/services for localisation, including technical summary
  • raw material sourcing
  • target market
  • job creation and Saudization, including local manpower and training program
  • planned location
  • planned investment timeline and
  • export plan (if applicable).

Other considerations

  • Newly established companies always have a low IKTVA Score;
  • To improve IKTVA Score, we recommend foreign investors i) include at least one Saudi national in the company management team and/or ii) hire several Saudi nationals and invest in a development program for them.

How can Healy Consultants Group help?

Assist with the review of the IKTVA survey, and submission to Saudi Aramco-approved KSA auditor 1,550
Assist with drafting five-year Investment Plan 5,950
Assist with recruitment of Saudi nationals, including i) drafting employment contracts and ii) registering the employee for GOSI 4,950 to 9,950
Assist with creating a development program for Saudi hires 4,550
Assist with sourcing local i) suppliers for purchase of goods and ii) subcontractors for services 2,950

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