Ukrainian support services in 2024

  • Why should I apply for a Ukrainian visa?

    Ukraine support servicesWhile Ukraine is currently in the midst of a civil war, this is not necessarily bad news for daring entrepreneurs. These businessmen may find it beneficial to visit Ukraine in order to enjoy the following opportunities:

    • Ukraine securities could be potentially a very rewarding investment. However, Ukrainian stock exchange’s main index has dropped by -20% since early 2015, far below the book value of its underlying assets;
    • For the same reasons, investing in Ukrainian real estate now will allow our Clients to realize long term capital gains. Office rents in Kiev depreciated by nearly a third since 2014, with monthly prime rents dropping from $35-42 per square meter to $25-36 per square meter in that period according to CBRE;
    • Read additional information on why Healy Consultants recommends formation of a company in Ukraine.

    In such context, our Clients often request Healy Consultants to apply on their behalf for a Ukrainian visa:

    • A visa is of course required before our Clients can legally enter Ukrainian territory in order to review investment opportunities and meet potential business partners face-to-face;
    • It is also a legal requirement for all Clients willing to manage their Ukrainian company. In accordance with the Ukraine Law on Limited Liability Companies, all foreigners appointed as director of a Ukrainian company must previously obtain a permit allowing them to work legally in Ukraine.
  • How can Healy Consultants assist you to obtain a Ukrainian visa?

    • Healy Consultants will be pleased to assist interested Clients with the preparation of business visa applications for visiting the country. Our services include preparing the supporting documents for the visa application, including the following: i) comprehensive business plan detailing our Client’s proposed business activities ii) a market analysis and iv) financial projections. Our full inclusive fee for such service is US$4,950 per visa application;
    • Our fee to assist our Clients with obtaining i) long term visiting visa or ii) work permit for them or their foreign employees in Ukraine is US$4,950 per visa application. Together with company formation and corporate bank account opening services, the total fees for the engagement amount to US$14,350:
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    • Alternatively, Healy Consultants can provide our Clients with a complete package to assist them to start their business in Ukraine, including: i) formation of Ukrainian company ii) a business address in Kiev iii) corporate bank account opening , and iv) visa application services (see above for services included). Our total fees for such engagement amount to US$14,350.
  • Steps to start a company and obtain a visa for Ukraine

    For a detailed account of the engagement and timelines, please open this pdf file:

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  • Different types of Ukrainian Visas

    Please see below for a description of the most commonly preferred visa by foreign entrepreneurs.

    Business visa

    • Our Clients wishing to visit Ukraine for prolonged stay, to start or purchase a Ukrainian business may apply for Long term visa (type D). With this visa, they will be allowed to stay in Ukraine up to one year;
    • Documents required to obtain this visa include: i) valid passport, ii) two photographs, iii) passport copy, iv) application form v) bank statement and vi) booked tickets;
    • The business invitation can be obtained from any duly registered foreign public non-governmental organization. Healy Consultants will be happy to assist our Client with such invitation. Read further details about long-term visas;
    • The average processing time for this type of visa is 1 month. The application can be processed within 2 working days if you require the express service and it can be obtained for an additional price from any Ukrainian Embassy;
    • Citizens of some countries must legalize all the provided documents as well as make a personal appointment for application in the local Ukrainian embassy.

    Work visa

    • To obtain the Ukrainian work permit the applicant should provide i) the employment offer (with a monthly salary above US$256) ii) ID and education certificates and iii) extract of judicial record;
    • The average processing time for such visas is 4 months;
    • Once i) work permit is granted and ii) the labor agreement with a foreign worker is completed, employer is obliged to provide the State Employment Service with a copy of such agreement within 3 working days. Otherwise the work permit will be cancelled;
    • The work permit may be prolonged for one year by submitting a shortened list of documents 30 days prior to the expiry date.

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