10 steps to incorporating in Ukraine in 2024

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Incorporation of a business in Ukraine can be completed in an average of three months. Our Client will not have to travel to the country, provided that a Power of Attorney is issued to the Ukraine incorporation agent who will them complete all procedures on his behalf. The typical procedures for incorporation of a Ukraine limited liability company are as follows:

  1. Before Healy Consultants starts Ukraine business incorporation procedures, our Client i) settles Healy Consultants’ fees for the engagement ii) signs and returns our engagement letter and iii) provides us scans of all documents requested for our due diligence checks;
  2. Healy Consultants provides our Client with a detailed project plan describing procedures and expected timelines for establishing a company in Ukraine and opening a corporate account. This document enables our Client to clearly understand how our team will complete his project;
  3. Healy Consultants assists our Client to decide on i) the proposed name for the company and its Ukrainian translation and ii) the optimum corporate structure including directors and shareholders. It should be noted that foreign directors must obtain a work permit to be appointed as directors or a Ukrainian company. If needed, Healy Consultants can provide our Clients with Ukrainian nominee director services until they are able to comply with such requirement;
  4. After this, Healy Consultants will prepare the minutes of first meeting of shareholders (deciding to establish a company in Ukraine) for our Client’s approval and signature. We will have a lawyer prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation of the company and certify them;
  5. Healy Consultants will then pay registration fees requested by the State Registrar at the bank with which we will later open the company’s corporate bank account;
  6. Healy Consultants will then complete incorporation of the Ukraine company at the State Registrar and register it for i) corporate tax and ii) VAT (if necessary) at the State Tax Administration of Ukraine;
  7. Healy Consultants will then prepare a company seal on behalf of our Client, as mandated by Ukrainian law;
  8. Healy Consultants will collect all necessary due diligence from our Client and details of the proposed company’s activities and then proceed to open a corporate bank account for the company with one of the recommended banks in Ukraine. Our Client will then transfer funds corresponding to the paid-up capital of the company;
  9. If needed, Healy Consultants provides our Client with a local business address in Ukraine for invoicing purposes, together with telephone, fax and email support. Healy Consultants will also assist our Client to locate business premises in Ukraine and recruit local staff to accompany Ukraine business incorporation;
  10. Following engagement completion, Healy Consultants will courier a full company kit to our Client, including original documents, unopened bank correspondence and a Client feedback survey to assess the quality of our Ukraine incorporation services.

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