How to formally engage Healy Consultants

To enable our Firm to begin our Client’s engagement without delay, our Firm requests our Clients to i) settle the fees applicable to the engagement and email us ii) a signed copy of our engagement letter and iii) at least 75% of documents required for due diligence (for a list of these documents, click on this link).

After reading the engagement letter and the invoice, please:

  • Email us a completed draft of the engagement letter in MS Word format for our review and approval;
  • Print the completed letter, sign it and email us a scanned copy of the same as a pdf document (alternatively, you can dropbox a copy of the engagement letter to us) and;
  • Please include the original, color signed copy of the engagement letter along with those of the due diligence documents in your next courier to Healy Consultants’ Singapore Office.

Healy Consultants recommends our Clients to carefully read i) all notes of our invoices and ii) our engagement letter. This way, our Clients and our Firm make sure they are on same page regarding i) all services requested from Healy Consultants and their fees and ii) the rights and obligations of each party during the engagement, henceforth ensuring efficient and timely completion of the engagement and eliminating the risk of unwanted surprises during it.

Contact us

For additional information on our engagement services, please email us at Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Karen Lee, directly:
client relationship officer - Karen