Jahan Yusoff | Office Manager

Jahan YusoffI joined Healy Consultants PLC in February 2018 as an Office Manager. I am responsible for implementing initiatives to improve office well-being.
My business goal
  • To complete office tasks and projects in a timely manner and continuously come up with ideas to simplify the same;
  • Contribute to staff well-being.
My daily work schedule
  • Assisting Aidan with business and office management tasks;
  • Supporting Fari with office management tasks;
  • Assisting CROs Department with Client follow ups and simple engagements;
  • Organizing in-house activities.
The most interesting work I ever didGuided the call centre agents with their daily routines, schedules and timesheets. Worked closely as a team with the operation teams to maintain knowledge base and update it with any special deals and promotions.
The most rewarding work I ever didImproved formal processes for administrative and finance functions so that there are specific compliance guidelines for staff to adhere to.
PastimesTravelling, yoga, zumba, spending time with family and friends.
Business style
  • Reliable;
  • Organized.
Language I speakEnglish, Tamil, Malay & Basic Chinese.
A sample of my global business experienceI assist the Client Relationship Department to follow up with the potential Clients for global business set up.
The most unusual engagement I didOrganized an Amazing Race event for a company’s South East Asian leaders in the Universal Studios Singapore.

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