Sameer Razi Ansari | Client Relationship Manager

I grew up in Dubai, UAE, and joined Healy Consultants Group PLC in 2020 as a Clients Engagements Officer, managing both local and International Clients from the Dubai office. Before that, I spent three years working as a Business Development and Project Manager for a Hong Kong firm based in Dubai. My UAE experience has provided me with extensive knowledge of various jurisdictions and industries. I have brought this knowledge to Healy Consultants Group PLC to assist the diverse range of global Clients.

  • My business goals

    • To become an expert in incorporating businesses and corporations worldwide with viable, effective business structures.
    • To be a future leader at Healy Consultants Group PLC, helping expand the Firm’s operations and diversifying its services.
    • To specialise and become the go-to person for at least three jurisdictions and three services that we offer.
  • My daily work schedule

    • Project managing Client engagements and supplying deliverables such as project plans, business plan and weekly updates.
    • Helping secure corporate bank accounts and incorporate companies for Clients in various regions and jurisdictions globally.
    • Assisting team members and helping them when needed to ensure Clients’ needs are met on time and to the highest standards.
  • The most interesting work I ever did

    Project managed a company that developed technology allowing air moisture to be converted into water, thus producing clean, drinkable water from thin air. I drafted the business plan and the marketing plan for this technology to be implemented in the Middle East and Africa.

  • The most rewarding work I ever did

    Laid the foundations for a solar irrigation business in Kenya and Nigeria. This business will eventually reach thousands of small holder farmers in climate change-affected areas, enabling them to grow their produce at a higher yield, with low water usage and with clean solar energy reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their income.

  • Pastimes

    Travelling, sports, hiking/trekking, reading

  • Business style

    • Thought leader and innovator in any industry I work in.
    • Head-on approach when it comes to challenges and difficulties.
    • Friendly, honest and open-minded.
    • Adaptive to different working environments, with a neck for problem solving.
  • Languages I speak

    English, Urdu, and Hindi

    Learning French and Arabic.

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