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Are you looking to consolidate your company administration or simply looking to improve upon the experience you have with your current corporate services provider? Transfer your company administration and compliance to Healy Consultants today to benefit from our extensive experience in corporate administration and company registration around the world.

With over 12 years’ experience in company registration, corporate administration, bank account opening, accounting and legal compliance in over 160 jurisdictions, Healy Consultants has the knowledge and expertise to help you better manage and grow your business at home and internationally.

Why you should transfer to Healy Consultants

Benefits of switching to Healy Consultants

Switch to Healy Consultants

  • Project management expertise: Benefit from Healy Consultants’ structured approach to incorporating companies and providing corporate services, which allows our Clients to set up and run their businesses as smoothly and efficiently as possible;
  • Broad international coverage: With operations in every country in the world, Healy Consultants can serve our Clients wherever they are and wherever they are going. Our model allows our Clients to consolidate their entity management and company administration, improving the speed of international coordination of our Clients’ corporate projects;
  • Your partner for growth: Our long history of helping our Clients with international expansion means that Healy Consultants is ideally positioned to support the growth of your business;
  • Tailored solutions: Healy Consultants engineers solutions tailored to suit your company’s individual needs;
  • Vast experience, in Singapore and across the world: Our vast experience over 12 years in more than 160 jurisdictions allows us to provide fast, accurate and thoughtful solutions for your queries, wherever you are;
  • 6 hour response time: Healy Consultants guarantees a response to Clients within 6 business hours;
  • Diverse team: Our diverse team can manage complex work around the world. Our in-house accountants and lawyers speak many languages including Mandarin, Hindi, Bahasa, French, Spanish and Punjabi. This means that Healy Consultants can remove the language barriers between our Clients and the markets in which they wish to establish themselves;
  • No hidden fees: All engagement fees are agreed and paid up front. Consequently, there are no hidden fees or surprises throughout the engagement;
  • One stop shop: We provide a one stop shop for business administration including legal services, accounting, banking, immigration, recruitment and marketing.

Problems our clients have faced with similar service providers

  • Lack of knowledge about company registration, accounting and legal requirements around the world;
  • Insufficient manpower and coverage to manage complex engagements in multiple, diverse jurisdictions at once;
  • Frustration and inefficient communication with many points of contact in the absence of a dedicated relationship manager;
  • Delayed responses to enquiries and instructions;
  • Generic solutions targeted to the masses.

Switch today – it’s easy!

Contact us to switch to Healy Consultants today and enjoy the benefits of high quality corporate services tailored to your business needs. Here’s how it works:

  • Call us at +65 6735 0120 or send an email to for us to discuss how your company’s administration is delivered today and how Healy Consultants can add value to your business;
  • We provide a detailed proposal and project plan, listing i) a tailored corporate services solution ii) your dedicated Healy Consultants relationship manager and iii) the process and timeline required to transfer your company administration to Healy Consultants from your current provider;
  • Once everything is agreed, Healy Consultants will manage the seamless transition of service provision from your current provider.

Contact us today to find out how Healy Consultants can provide high quality services to your business.

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For additional information on our incorporation services, please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
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