Afghanistan employment visas

supports for Afghanistan business formation All immigration to Afghanistan is controlled by the federal government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Healy Consultants’ fee for assisting with the visa process will be US$3,950. Please note while, the approval process for business visas is straightforward, obtaining approval may be difficult and can seem random at times.

Entrepreneur visas

  • Individuals wishing to be self-employed will initially apply for an entry visa and after the entering the country, apply for a resident visa. The entry visa will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while the resident visa will be issued by the Ministry of Interior;
  • Documents to be submitted at the embassies or high commissions will include i) a valid passport ii) proof of Afghanistan company formation and iii) completed application form.

Employment visa

  • The visa application process for the employment visa is similar to that of the entrepreneur visa, with the additional need for the sponsoring Afghanistan company formation to contact the Ministry of Foreign affairs on behalf of the employee;
  • The resident visa will be issued for 6 months, with the possibility of extension by the Ministry of Interior.

Visitor Visa

  • A visitor (tourist) visa will be issued for a 1 month only. However, there is a possibility of obtaining extension once after approval from the Ministry of Interior and the Afghan Tourism Organization;
  • The visa application will be submitted to the Afghan missions abroad along with following documents i) a valid passport and ii) proof of financial standing to cover the trip.

Corporate banking options

  • The Afghanistan financial sector continues to remain in a precarious position. According to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, the banking sector suffers from systemic weaknesses in the governance and operations, which is exacerbated by lack of strong regulations by the Central Bank (Da Afghanistan Bank);
  • Afghanistan’s banking sector currently comprises of 3 state owned banks, 9 local private banks and branches of 3 foreign institutions. Please refer to this complete list of licensed banks in Afghanistan;
  • Healy Consultants recommends all Clients to work with the Afghanistan International Bank, a local bank, which signed a banking agreement with Citibank in 2010 and took over Standard Chartered’s Afghanistan operations in 2012;
  • In Afghanistan, companies will have access to only a limited range of corporate and personal banking products. Furthermore, internet banking facilities and customer care service will be of a poor standard;
  • Our firm will assist our Clients in opening a corporate banking account in the country. Where possible, our firm’s account opening team will liaise with the bank officials to prevent our Client from having to travel for the account opening interview;

Healy Consultants services

  • Our services include assisting our Clients in i) opening the company bank account and ii) obtaining access to internet banking facilities. Our experts can complete this entire process within 4 weeks. Our fee for this service will be US$4,950;
  • Healy Consultants will liaise with the banks to prevent our Clients from travelling for the interview. However, there is still a 80% chance that the bank may require our Clients to travel for a one hour interview;
  • Following account opening approval, the bank will directly and independently email our Client the corporate bank account number.

Foreign Exchange Controls

The Afghanistan Government imposes certain foreign exchange controls on exchange and transfer of currency. Companies may not transfer more than AFN 1,000,000 (US$14,540) via land or air. Furthermore, any transfers between AFN 500,000 (US$7,270) and AFN 1,000,000 must be declared.

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