Andorra employment visas in 2024

All foreigners taking up employment in Andorra need to secure valid work permits. Healy Consultants offers work permit and business visa applications to our Clients for €4,950. These fees may differ depending on the origin and nationality of the applicant. The following residence and employment visa options are available to our Clients:

Employee/Business visas

Andorra employment visas

  • International Business Permit – foreign entrepreneurs willing to visit Andorra after their company incorporation will need to apply for the International Business Permit at the Department of Labour. To be eligible, our Clients must also comply with the following:
    • The entrepreneurs must place a refundable bond worth €50,000 with the Andorran government and additional €10,000 for each dependent;
    • Proof of independent financial resources – the main applicant will have available at least €35,000 for himself and an additional €11,500 per dependent after settling the government bond;
    • the company founded by the main applicant will conduct 85% of the business outside of the Principality and hire at least one local employee.
  • Highly qualified professionals and athletes can also qualify for residency in Andorra if the reside for at least 90 days and are able to show evidence of source of income. However, they are not exempt to place the deposit with government and must place €50,000 for the principal applicant and €10,000 for each dependent.

Migrate to Andorra

  • Relocate to Andorra without work permit or business – HNW Clients who wish to migrate to Andorra can do so by placing a government bond for €50,000 and €10,000 per dependent at the Andorran Financial Institution (INAF). To maintain residency status in Andorra our Clients must reside in the country for a minimum of 90 days through a year;
  • The main applicant shall invest up to €400,000 (inclusive of the government bonds) in the following 7 months of being granted Andorran residency. The investment can be in the form of i) real estate, ii) government issued bonds and/or iii) funds issued by any Andorran Financial Institution.

Visit Andorra

Andorra i) is a non-EU country, ii) does not belong to the Schengen Area iii) does not issue visas and can only be entered either from Spain or France. Consequently, clients willing to visit the Principality must hold a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa or be a national of the EEA.

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