France employment visas in 2023

Only non-EU/EFTA citizens are required to secure a work visa in order to work in France. In addition to providing professional France company formation services, Healy Consultants will assist our Clients to prepare visa applications and submit to the local French Consulate.

Entrepreneur visas

French work visas eligibility

  • Non EU/EFTA entrepreneurs opening a company in France will be required to obtain either i) a residence permit for resident directors or ii) a circulation visa for non-resident directors willing to conduct business in France or another EU country;
  • Documents required for a circulation visa (multiple entries, valid up to five years) include i) a valid passport ii) an excerpt of judicial record and iii) copies of the company’s M&AA;
  • Documents required for a residency permit (valid 1 year then up to 10 years on renewal) include i) a valid passport ii) an excerpt of judicial record iii) a company incorporation certificate and iv) a medical certificate;
  • Foreign investors starting a French company can also apply for an exceptional economic contribution visa (valid up to 10 years) if they are investing i) over €10 million or ii) creating or saving at least 50 jobs in the country.

Employee visas

  • Employers will be required to apply for a work permit (valid up to 3 years) for hiring a non-EU/EFTA national. This can only be done after company formation in France;
  • Documents to be submitted by the employer include i) a proof of identity for the employee ii) a letter of sponsorship iii) copies of employment contract iv) proofs of educational qualification and v) evidence of efforts to recruit resident candidates;
  • Documents to be submitted by the employee include i) a medical examination certificate ii) a proof of identity iii) a resume iv) educational certificates and v) copy of employment contract.

Visitor visas

  • This visa is issued for 3 months for the purpose of either tourism or short-term business;
  • Documents required are i) a valid passport ii) bank statements to prove that the entire trip is covered iii) medical insurance iv) proof of accommodation and v) a document declaring purpose of the visit.

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