Purchasing a bank

Purchasing a bank formSince 2003, Healy Consultants helps multi-national Clients’ buy and sell banks

To help us find the optimum banking solution for your Firm, please complete the 5-minute questionnaire below:

    • Characteristics of bank

      In what countries would you prefer to own a bank? (In order of preference)





      Do you need the bank to own its own SWIFT code, or will an intermediary correspondent bank account suffice?
      Do you want to be the single owner of the bank?
      Are you open to being a part owner of a bank? If yes, what is your minimum expect level of ownership?
      Specifically what products do you want the bank to sell? So we can ensure the correct regulatory license is in place;
      Does your firm need a banking license to serve third parties/customers or intra group banking?
      Does your firm have a timeframe to start operating the bank?
      Is it important the bank has an existing network of correspondent bank accounts?
      What is your firm’s budget to purchase a bank?*
      What is your Firm’s annual budget for maintaining the bank?
      From this page, which specific bank options are interested in?*

    • About you

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      What country & city are you based?*
      Is your firm a regulated financial services company?
      Is your firm regulated by any other Government agency?
      Does you firm already have a banking license?
      How many years has your professional Firm been in business?
      Why does your firm need to purchase a bank?
      Does your firm have a track record in the banking and financial industry?
      What is your main source of income?
      Please read this web page and advise if you are agreeable with our retainer fee payment schedule?*