Chile employment visas in 2024

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Foreigners will require a visa in order to enter Chile for work or residency. So, Healy Consultants will prepare a high-quality visa application on our Client’s behalf and submit to the Chilean immigration authorities. Although travel is not required for Chile company formation, some of our Clients might be required to visit the banks in person. Our fee for visa applications is US$3,950. Please note that fees for a Chile visa will vary according to the Client’s country of origin.

  • Entrepreneur visa

    • Most of our Clients who are pursuing Chile company formation prefer to visit Chile on an entrepreneur visa, as this visa is issued to individuals wishing to start a company in Chile. This visa is renewed on an yearly basis, based on the authorities’ view of the progress of your business;
    • A permanent visa can be granted to individuals, who have had a Chilean visa for 1 year and have lived in the country for at least 6 months. The process of approval for this visa takes approximately 6-7 months.
  • Employment visa

    • A temporary residence visa is granted for work, study or commercial activities for a maximum duration of one year. This visa can only be renewed one time;
    • A work permit is granted to a non-Chilean national who has been offered employment by a Chile resident company. This visa is issued for a maximum duration of two years;
    • A work and holiday visa is granted to students and professionals from Canada, Australia and New Zealand to travel to Chile for work and study. This visa is valid for one year.
  • Short-term visa

    • Citizens of following countries do not require a visa for short-term visits as tourists including South American countries, EU countries, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Thailand and New Zealand;
    • A tourist visa is granted to foreign nationals for a stay of 90 days. However, an extension of 90 days can be granted on request;
    • A work visa is granted to foreign entrepreneurs who enter Chile for a short period for business purposes;
  • Summary of costs

    US$ Payable to
    Visa Fee Depends on country of origin and visa type Chile Embassy
    Healy Consultants Fee 3,950 Healy Consultants

Chile corporate banking options in 2024

  • In addition to providing company formation guidance in Chile, Healy Consultants will be pleased to open a Chile corporate bank account. Our Client will not have to travel for this engagement. It is a time consuming task, Healy Consultants will shelter our Client from the administrative challenges. As you can appreciate, it is a difficult task to obtain bank account approval through a newly formed company, when shareholders and directors and bank signatories reside overseas. Healy Consultants will prepare a business plan for the bank to optimize the probability of corporate bank account approval;
  • To receive the best internet banking and customer service after company formation in Chile, Healy Consultants recommends using the services of international banks such as HSBC, Citibank (Banco Edwards Citi) or Santander. Local banks can be used where appropriate for Chile business formation;
  • After forming a company in Chile, Healy Consultants will proceed with the opening of a corporate bank account. There is a 50% chance that the Client will have to travel in order to open the account, though our Chilean company formation specialists will make every effort to minimize this probability;
  • hsbcFollowing bank account approval, the preferred bank will directly and independently email our Client the corporate bank account number;
  • Banks in Chile provide the full range of business bank account facilities including multiple currencies, internet banking, telephone banking, checking accounts, saving accounts, debit and credit cards, fixed term deposit and wealth management services;
  • bancochileThe Chile currency is the Chilean Pesos and the exchange rate has been pretty stable in recent years. The actual currency is CH$612.993 = US$1; (as of April 27, 2015).

Trade finance


  • Chile banks are willing to provide finance to local companies if the following conditions are met i) good business plan ii) availability of security iii) experience of business owners iv) realistic study and v) project strength and weaknesses analysis (SWOT);
  • To support their new business, Healy Consultants assists Clients with trade finance tasks including i) bank guarantees ii) letters of credit iii) finance against trust receipt and iv) document against payment and against acceptance;
  • bancoestadoHealy Consultants assists in securing corporate finance in the form of a loan, overdraft or simply preferential credit terms are other corporate banking related aspects of doing business in Chile.

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