How we proceed?

1.Arrange a phone or skype meeting. I attach a phone agenda to our email, let me know your preferred time, date and number;
2.Visit your local Healy Consultants Group PLC office (click link) for a face to face discussion;
3.Secure a professional reference from our existing clients;
4.To agree the optimal business set up strategy, and settle a US$1,000 retainer fee (click link) with Healy Consultants Group PLC;
5.Agree engagement proposal including:

6.Sign our engagement letter and supply us with “Know-Your-Customer” information (click link);
7.Healy Consultants Group PLC supplies our Client weekly detailed engagement status updates;
8.Our Client signs company incorporation and corporate bank account opening forms;
9.If required, Healy Consultants Group PLC supplies our Client additional business support services (click link);
10.Healy Consultants Group PLC efficiently, timely and successfully completes the project, and client to complete online engagement feedback survey.

Other comments or special information

Let us know your preferred language and way of communication: cell phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, sms, WeChat, Telegram, QQ, Facebook Messenger or Line Messenger.