Fees payment

All fees quoted for company registration fees are fully inclusive. We do not believe in misleading clients by quoting a low company incorporation price and then adding on extras as the engagement evolves.

Fees payment

Please follow the attached links to pay our professional fees via credit card. Kindly note that a 5.5% credit card processing fee is payable by Clients who wish to settle our fees by this method. Thank you for your understanding.Fees payment types

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Fees terms & conditions

To eliminate credit risk, Healy Consultants will only fulfill a customer order and provide consulting services after our professional fees are paid. Healy Consultants cannot accept an order cancellation or amendment after an order is placed with our firm.

Contact us

For additional information on our incorporation services, please email us at email@healyconsultants.com. Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Aidan Healy, directly:
client relationship officer - Aidan