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For over a decade, Healy Consultants efficiently and effectively assists our Clients complete register their company in Indonesia.

Advantages of Indonesia company registration

    Indonesia business registration services
  1. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and GDP is growing at a rate 6 per cent per annum. Consequently, Indonesians’ per capita income and purchasing power is increasing. Consequently, local residents are hungry for international products and services and willing to spend on quality. After China and India, Indonesia boasts the largest domestic market in the Asian continent. This potential makes company registration in Indonesia attractive for foreign entrepreneurs;
  2. Historically, foreign investment in Indonesia was in the manufacturing and mining sector. Healy Consultants encourages international investors to focus on Indonesia’s vast services sector. The services sector in Indonesia is going through a massive transformation and there is massive demand for quality, innovative service providers. It is expected demand for services will outweigh supply in the near future, making Indonesia ideal for your company’s expansion goals;
  3. Because of the abundance of labour and raw materials, Indonesia’s reputation as a manufacturing hub is growing considerably. The country is rich in several minerals and is one of the leaders in agricultural products, which is advantageous for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Indonesia;
  4. Compared to Western countries, the cost of living in Indonesia is very cheap including food, transport, utilities, rent, wages etc;
  5. Currently, Indonesia has 59 Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) different countries. Read more about double taxation agreements with Indonesia;
  6. Batam is the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) opened in Indonesia, offering several tax incentives to businesses that use the area for manufacturing products for export purpose and most of the transaction to enter goods or services into the area are free from VAT, import duty and Local Service Tax.

Disadvantages of Indonesia company registration

  1. An Indonesian company, in the form of a PMA, requires a minimum of US$300,000 paid up share capital;
  2. Company registration is hampered by restrictions on foreign investment in Indonesia, uncertain government costs and a lack of regulatory transparency. Consequently, it takes about three months to fully complete company registration of an Indonesian PMA. Foreign investors interested in registering a company in Indonesia should only sign business contracts after the PMA is fully registered;
  3. One of the biggest business challenges in Indonesia is government red tape, bureaucracy and corruption. When there is ambiguity about Indonesia law, it gives rise to corruption and unnecessary delays in executing deals in the country;
  4. An Indonesian PMA requires a minimum issued share capital of US$257,000 to obtain approval by the BKPM – Indonesia’s Capital Investment Coordination Board. This amount must be deposited in a bank before business registration in Indonesia;
  5. An Indonesian company is liable to pay corporate tax of 30% on income sourced in Indonesia and internationally. Capital gains are taxed up to 30%.

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