Professional virtual office services

Virtual office services

In every country in the world, Healy Consultants supplies virtual office services to our Clients. Virtual offices are a cost-effective, professional way to assist our Clients conduct business in every city on earth.

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What is a virtual office?

  • Virtual office services are an optional package of services that our Clients may ask Healy Consultants to provide when they choose to register their newly created company at one of our worldwide Singapore and affiliate offices;
  • Such package may include one or more of the following services: i) telephone line with a designated person to answer calls ii) voice message services iii) forwarding of mails via regular postal services or premium postal services providers iv) provision of a local webmail address and forwarding of emails.

Benefits of a virtual office

Our Clients request Healy Consultants to provide them with virtual office services for the following reasons:

  1. To obtain a lease agreement to complete legal company incorporation;
  2. To begin business in the country before our Clients locate their preferred office address;
  3. In addition to a local registered address, physical office space may be required in some countries for company registration. Virtual office services are then convenient solution for our Clients to comply with such requirement;
  4. The virtual office can help facilitate the company’s trade activities and secure deals with local customers, who will feel more safe dealing with a local virtual office than with a company based abroad;
  5. Having such a virtual office can facilitate the opening of a corporate bank account;
  6. Having a place to work, without contractual obligations related to a long term lease agreement (important security deposit, minimum duration of the lease, renovation costs etc.).

Healy Consultants’ virtual office services

Healy Consultants virtual office services can be tailored to meet your needs. Some of the services typically requested by our Clients include:

  1. A business address and mail forwarding service (mail forwarded as often as required and as pre-agreed by our Client);
  2. A city center business address on Clients’ stationery, websites, and contracts;
  3. Receiving courier shipments on behalf of our Clients and re-mailing them to our Client within the same day;
  4. A dedicated business fax number – Healy Consultants’ staff will forward the fax to you within an hour of receiving it;
  5. A dedicated business phone number – Healy Consultants’ staff will answer the phone in your company’s name, take a message and advise you of the call within an hour of receiving it;
  6. Call forwarding service – Healy Consultants will provide you with a genuine phone number which, when called, automatically forwards to your chosen number anywhere in the world;
  7. Completing administrative business tasks on behalf of our Clients including i) L/C collection ii) government liaison and iii) deliveries to customers and suppliers;
  8. Office space and boardroom facilities in our city center office supported by free internet, desk phone, and receptionist;
  9. Free hosting Client meetings;
  10. We assist our Clients to build a business website and improve its SEO ranking.

Terms and conditions

  1. Please note that applicants may only begin using this service after paying the required fee and after written authorization is received from Healy Consultants;
  2. Please note the Healy Consultants virtual office address, phone, and fax numbers may only be used as the corporate address (i.e. on the company letterhead). They may not be used in any form of advertising, or for website domain registration, without prior written permission from Healy Consultants;
  3. Please note that Healy Consultants reserves the right to cancel the use of the virtual office package at any time, refunding the remainder of the fee on a pro rata basis.

Dormant virtual office package

Most of our Clients use our virtual office services as a temporary solutions until they find shared office space or their own serviced office. Some of our Clients prefer to have a dormant virtual office, the features of which are as follows:

  1. A business address for invoicing purposes only;
  2. A business telephone number for invoicing purposes only;
  3. A business fax number for invoicing purposes only.

Healy Consultants’ dormant virtual office fee is starts from US$1,100.

Healy Consultants’ virtual office fees

  • Our virtual office fees vary according to the precise needs of our Clients. Depending on the country, average fees for an active virtual office range between US$1,100 and US$3,800. Please contact us for a package price and the full range of our flexible office solutions;
  • To view a typical virtual office Client agreement, refer to the adobe file embedded below:

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