Shelf company/ready-made/aged company solutions in Dubai in 2024Dubai turnkey solution

solutions for expedited company registration in DubaiHealy Consultants provides complete turnkey solutions for Clients looking to expedite their Dubai business set up. This turnkey solution includes a ready-made company in the UAE and already approved Dubai corporate bank account.

  • What is a turnkey solution and how can you be benefitted from it?

    For our Clients who need immediate corporate solutions, Healy Consultants Group offers fast turnkey solution of purchasing shelf company with bank account. This is a ready-made company with an already open corporate bank account with e-banking;

    Prior Clients have acquired a shelf company in Dubai for several purposes such as i) wanting a company registration number fast to close an important deal; ii) needing a vintage active company with past history, to help receive corporate finance and iii) to receive sales income immediately from an already set up company and corporate bank account;

    The entire company setup process for a limited liability company in Dubai takes roughly 15 weeks. However, with a Dubai turnkey solution, within 3 weeks Healy Consultants will email you a company number and a corporate bank account number that you can immediately use to sign business contracts. Our Clients can expect to reduce the engagement lead time by 70%.

    While possible, Healy Consultants Group does not recommend using the bank account to receive payment from your Clients until you are appointed as sole bank signatory, in approximately 2 months. Unfortunately, the Dubai Government has implemented inefficient procedures that can be bypassed with a turnkey solution.

    Initially, the name of the already approved corporate bank account is that of the existing ready-made company. Once the company is purchased, Healy Consultants Group will change i) the company name and ii) business activity to that preferred by our Client. Healy Consultants Group will also appoint our Client as sole director and shareholder of the company.

  • Healy Consultants Group's fees

    For US$38,500 Healy Consultants provides a complete Dubai turnkey solution including a i) pre-registered company; ii) with an already approved UAE corporate bank account with excellent internet banking; iii) a registration number and iv) a legal registered address. This fee also includes those associated to the change of corporate structure including company name and business activity change and the appointment of the new directors and shareholders and bank signatories.

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  • Steps to buy a shelf company in Dubai

    No. Steps Week
    1. Healy Consultants Compliance Team receives the required corporate and personal due diligence information from our Client; 1
    2. Our Client signs Healy Consultants engagement letter and returns the original to our Dubai Office. Our Client settles our fees; 1
    3. Our Client confirms by email the planned corporate structure, the Dubai local shareholder and the address for office premises and e-mails the required due diligence. Only then can Healy Consultants Group reserve the company name and prepare the necessary documentation necessary to complete the change of corporate structure. If required, Healy Consultants will be happy to act as your Firm’s local shareholder and provide your Firm with a company office address for an additional fee; 2
    4. Healy Consultants Group provides our Client i) a company name and number ii) a company office address and iii) a corporate bank account number. Our Client can inform customers and suppliers; 3
    5. If the company has been active in the past, Healy Consultants Group will conduct a Due Diligence search, to ensure there are no risks, debts nor liabilities to acquiring the entity. This process will take approximately 3 weeks. If the company has been dormant since inception, the Dubai shelf company director immediately signs i) the legal share allotment and legal share transfer ii) the change of company address and company name and iii) the lease agreement in Dubai (if required); 3
    6. The existing Dubai shelf company director couriers the originals legal transfer documents to Healy Consultants Dubai office. Healy Consultants Group submits the share transfer documents to the Government Authorities for processing; 4
    7. The Dubai registry approves the change of company ownership application and emails Healy Consultants proof of transaction. Healy Consultants then emails our Client i) the new company license under the new company name and ii) the amended M&AA with the new shareholders and directors; 8

    Healy Consultants’ Banking Team and our Client attends a meeting with the Dubai bank to appoint our Client as the new bank signatory and submit the corporate bank package containing:

    • Signed appointment of bank signatory forms;
    • Client’s passport copy and proof of address;
    • Dubai company kit;
    • Proof of business together with other Client due diligence.

    Unfortunately Client’s travel to Dubai is compulsory by the bank, no exceptions. During this process, there is a 20% probability the bank will close the existing corporate bank account and request a new corporate bank account opening application under the new company name, business activity and business owners.

    9. The bank approves the appointment of the new bank signatory and will courier internet banking documents (login, password etc) to our Client; 10

    Healy Consultants will courier the following to our Client:

    • Company kit containing original Dubai corporate documents;
    • The bank kit;
    • Healy Consultants Customer Satisfaction Survey.
    11. Our Client receives a courier from the bank comprising internet baking information. The bank signatory activates the internet banking. 11

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