Business entities in Egypt in 2023

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Healy Consultants will assist our Clients with incorporating the optimal corporate structure for their company. There are several ways of doing business in Egypt, the most common being through the setup of a limited liability company. However, Our Clients may alternatively setup an Egypt joint stock company, which will give their business a marketing edge in the country and abroad. Foreign multinationals may also contact our Firm in order to establish a branch office or a representative office in Egypt.

  • Wholly foreign owned entities

    Egypt business setup can only be 100% foreign-owned for certain industries such as mining, tourism, real estate, maritime transport, software design, and electronics production. Starting a business with activities such as importation or investment in Sinai area require approval from the relevant Egyptian authorities, and therefore are not eligible for 100% foreign ownership;

  • Limited liability company

    A limited liability company (LLC) is a common entity used to set up a small business in Egypt. Egypt company setup requirements allow LLCs to engage in any commercial or industrial activity. At business setup, our Clients must appoint i) at least two shareholders and ii) at least one manager who must be an Egypt citizen. During incorporation, the LLC also has to register with the Commercial Registry and is under supervision of GAFI. There is no minimum capital required for a limited liability company. However, in order to secure a smooth incorporation process, it is recommended to have a minimum paid up share capital of US$1,000.

  • Joint stock company

    Egypt Joint Stock Company setup requires at least 3 shareholders and a minimum capital of US$36,000 for a closed company and US$2,900,000 for a listed company. An Egyptian JSC can carry out all business activities subject to Egyptian laws and regulations. Once business setup in Egypt is complete, JSCs are required to publish their annual financial statements which are audited by an Egyptian auditor.

  • Foreign branch office

    Foreign companies keen on starting a business in Egypt may also set up a branch office in Egypt if the company has a contract with an Egyptian party. The foreign branch office is permitted to conduct commercial, financial, and industrial activities which are included in the contract. The branch office must have their annual financial statements audited by an Egyptian auditor and is only allowed to have 10% of its employees as foreigners.

  • Representative office

    An Egyptian representative office can be 100% foreign-owned but is not allowed to conduct direct sales in Egypt. According to Egyptian Company Law, such an office can only engage in activities which will not amount to carrying out business, for example market research.

  • Table comparison of Egypt entities

     LLCBranch OfficeRep Office
    Total company set up costsUS$23,150US$21,900US$21,900
    How long to incorporate the company?4 weeks1 week1 week
    How long to open company bank account?4 weeks1 week1 week
    Issued share capital requiredYesNoNo
    Is business activity permitted?YesYesNo
    Allowed to sign sales contracts with Egyptian ClientsYesYesNo
    Allowed to invoice Egyptian ClientsYesYesNo
    Corporate tax payable in Egypt22.5%22.5%0%
    Corporate bank accountSCB or HSBCSCB or HSBCSCB or HSBC
    Can rent office premises in EgyptYesYesYes
    Allowed to import raw materials?YesYesNo
    Allowed to export goods?YesYesNo
    Can the entity hire expatriate staff in Egypt?YesYesYes
    Do you visit Egypt for company incorporation?NoNoNo
    Resident manager required?YesYesYes
    Resident shareholder required?NoNoNo
    Minimum number of managers111
    Minimum number of shareholders211
    Egyptian resident company secretaryYesYesYes
    Tax registration certificate requiredYesYesNo
    Individual shareholders allowedYesNoNo
    Corporate shareholders allowedYesYesYes
    Corporate director(s) allowedYesYesYes
    Egyptian employment visa feesUS$3,950US$3,950US$3,950
    How long to get work permit approved3 months3 months3 months
    Statutory audit requiredYesYesNo
    Annual tax return to be submittedYesYesNo
    Estimate engagement costsUS$US$US$
    Healy Consultants engagement fees9,75010,75010,750
    Company secretary and legal registered office fees2,4002,4002,400
    Government License registration fees600900900
    Corporate bank account opening4,9502,9502,950
    Estimate of total outgoings Year 123,15021,90021,900
    Draft invoiceView invoice PDFView invoice PDFView invoice PDF

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