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Most of our Clients interested in starting a business in Nevada prefer to setup the domestic limited liability company. However, other forms of business ownership available include the C-Corporation, a branch office and an LLP.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Our Clients can setup an LLC with 1 director and 1 shareholder, who can be non-residents and non-US nationals. Also, Nevada corporate law does not require proof of any share capital deposit;
  • Like all other US entities, Nevada LLCs may choose to be taxed as a corporation or as a partnership. A partnership income is only taxed in the hands of the shareholders, while corporation income is taxed at the corporate level;
  • Best uses: A Nevada LLC is generally setup by Clients for starting a small business in the US.

The C-Corporation (C-Corp)

  • The Nevada close corporation is also incorporated with i) 1 director and 1 shareholder of any nationality and ii) US$1 as the share capital;
  • A C-Corp must suffer tax twice – once at the corporate level and the in the hands of the shareholders;
  • Best uses: Nevada C-Corps are generally incorporated in order to take advantage of the 0% state corporation tax. However, federal corporation tax must still be paid.

Branch Office

  • Our Clients may also consider setting up branch offices of their foreign companies in Nevada. The branch office will have a registered agent and an address in Nevada;
  • The business activities of a branch office will be the same as the parent entity. Furthermore, the branch office will also be required to pay annual franchise taxes;
  • Best uses: A branch office is recommended, only when our Clients wish to book their global income under 1 company’s name, rather than under multiple companies.

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • In Nevada, it is also possible for our Clients to setup LLPs. These entities will have at least 1 member and 1 manager, who need not be US residents or nationals;
  • An LLP is a hybrid between an LLC and a General Partnership (GP) i.e. like an LLC, the liability of members is limited and like a GP, the tax will only be paid once – in the hands of their shareholders;
  • Best uses: A Nevada LLP is generally setup by Clients to provide professional services. E.g. – Accounting Firms, Law Firms.

Free Zone company

  • Our Clients have the option of setting up a free zone company in one of Nevada’s 2 free zones;
  • To set up the company, our Clients will need to i) incorporate an LLC or C-Corp and ii) thereafter, apply for a free zone operating permit. Please note, it may take up to 9 months to secure permit approval;
  • Best uses: A free zone company is generally used to setup an export oriented manufacturing business.

Gaming licensed company

  • Nevada can be called the gaming and gambling capital of the world – with Las Vegas and Reno being the most popular gaming hubs in the USA;
  • As an extension, gaming companies are another popular type of business and profitable options for investment;
  • The requirements to start an online gaming company registered in Nevada are the same as a regular LLC, except for the additional requirement for a regulatory license issued by the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board;
  • On average, it takes around 4 months to acquire the license to provide online gaming and betting services.

Table of Comparison between business entities

LLC C-Corporation Branch Office LLP Free Zone Company
How long to set the company up? 1 week 2 weeks 2 weeks 1 week 1 week
How long to open company bank account? 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
Issued share capital required? US$1 US$1 N/A US$1 US$1
Allowed to sign sales contracts with local Clients? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allowed to invoice local Clients? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nevada corporate tax payable? 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Federal corporate tax payable? 0% 35% 0% 0% 0%
Withholding tax rate payable? 35% 0% 35% 35% 35%
Corporate bank account BNY Mellon Wells Fargo Bank of America U.S. Bank Wells Fargo
Can rent office premises in Nevada? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allowed to import raw materials? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allows to export goods? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can the entity hire expatriate staff in Nevada? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tenancy agreement required before incorporation? No No No No No
Do you visit Nevada for company incorporation? No No No No No
Individual shareholders allowed? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corporate shareholders allowed? Yes Yes Parent Company Yes Yes
Corporate director(s) allowed? No No No No No
Resident director required? No No No No No
Resident agent required? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resident shareholder required? No No No No No
Minimum number of directors/managers? 1 1 1 1 1
Minimum number of shareholders 1 1 Parent Company 1 1
Public register of shareholders and directors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Statutory audit required? No No No No No
Annual tax return to be submitted? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to US double taxation treaties? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Estimate of engagement costs US$ US$ US$ US$ US$
Total Nevada business setup costs in Yr. 1 7,740 10,100 8,940 8,940 9,900
Subsequent annual costs (incl. accounting and tax fee) 4,300 4,300 4,300 4,300 4,300
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