Australia employment visas

Australia employment visas

The most commonly visa solutions requested by our Clients to relocate to Australia include: i) entrepreneur and investor visas ii) professional and executives visas iii) employee visas and iv) student visas. We can also assist our Clients to secure short term tourism and business visas when required.

Steps to start a company and obtain an Australia residence visa

apply business visas and how to migrate to Australia

  • Healy Consultants will be pleased to assist our Clients i) form their company in Australia ii) open a corporate bank account for the company and iii) obtain a residency permit on their behalf and/or for their foreign employees.
  • Following successful incorporation of your Australian company, Healy Consultants will then:
    • Prepare the supporting documents for a visa application, including i) a comprehensive business plan detailing our Client’s business activities ii) a market analysis and financial projections, and iii) an outline of reasons for migration to Australia;
    • Healy Consultants subsequently submits a quality visa application together with supporting documents directly to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or through the local Australian embassy. The processing time is dependent on the type of visa and may take up to 10 months;
  • Following approval of visa application, the Client will be requested to visit their local Australian embassy to collect their Australian residence visa;
  • To optimize the probability of visa approval by the Australian authorities, we recommend our Clients to i) invest at least US$100,000 in the capital of their company and provide us bank statements confirming the same ii) not to appoint themselves as shareholder if they intent to obtain a work permit and iii) provide us evidence that they have some existing customers in Australia.
  • Our fees

    Our fee to assist our Clients with obtaining a Business Innovation and Investment (provisional; 118) visa or work permit for their foreign employees in Australia is AU$5,950 per visa application. Together with company formation and corporate bank account opening services, the total fees for the engagement amount to AU$12,947.

Different types of Australian Visas

Australian government offers a number of visa options for foreign individuals looking to either visit, live or work in Australia. Find below some of the most commonly preferred visas by our Clients. These visas are a pathway to permanent residency, but requirements vary dependent on visa and must be met before Permanent Residency visas are granted;

Entrepreneur visas

Our Clients wishing to immigrate to incorporate a new business or manage an existing business may apply for Business Innovation stream visa must prove the following:

  • English proficiency;
  • An annual turnover of at least AU$500,000 of all existing businesses combined in the past 2 out of 4 fiscal years;
  • Business ownership of at least 51% if annual turnover lower than AU$400,000 or of 30% if the annual turnover is more than AU$400,000;
  • Personal assets worth at least AU$800,000 (for investment in Australia in the next 2 years);
  • Resume detailing business experience;
  • Detailed quality business plan.
  • An entrepreneur visa is granted for 4 years, after which the Client may apply for a 2-year extension.

    Investor visas

    The Investor stream business visa is only available for English-speaking Clients seeking for residency in Australia. The requirements for this visa application include:

    • Proof of investment of AU$1.5 million in Australia State or Territory Government bonds;
    • Proof of total assets of at least AU$2.25 million in the last two fiscal years (including planned investment funds);
    • Resume detailing business experience of at least 3 years;
    • Proof of ownership of at least 10% stake in a successful business;
    • Detailed business plan for investment in Australia.

    The Investor stream business visa is also valid for 4 years with possibility of 2-year extension.
    Entrepreneurs applying for either of the aforementioned options will also be required to submit i) valid ID (or passport copy); ii) extract of judicial record and iii) additional documents as requested by the Australian authorities. The average processing time for such visas is 10 months.

    Skilled migrant visas (professionals and executives)

    • This visa is for applicants with specialized occupation. The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect first. Thereafter, Australian government assesses the applicant skills. If the assessment is passed, no sponsoring by the employer or family member is needed;
    • Skilled independent visa is provided for individuals who i) achieved the score specified in the letter of invitation from the Australian governmental institution, ii) is under 50 years of age, iii) competent in English and iv) has a clean judicial record;
    • The processing time depends on the points that the applicant scored and passport held. An average processing time is 6 months;
    • The applicant who passed the skilled point based assessment will be required to submit i) valid ID (or passport copy); ii) proof of the claimed qualification and points, iii) extract of judicial record and iv) other documents as requested by the authorities.

    Employment visas

    Employers willing to hire non Australia/New Zealand nationals are required to obtain the temporary work visa for skilled positions. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection website provides a list of occupations deemed “skilled” by the Australian authorities.

    An employment visa is valid for up to 4 years, after which they can be either i) renewed or ii) converted into a permanent residency permit. The processing time for such visas is 2 months.

    Documents to be submitted by the employer to the authorities include:

    • Employer Sponsored Workers (e457) form;
    • Copy of the employment offer;
    • Proof of company registration;
    • Documents to show the business is operating lawfully;
    • Documents to show the business meets training requirements;
    • Evidence that there is no available worker in Australia for the position (for essential skills visas);

    Together with the above, the employee must submit the following documents i) e457 form; ii) valid ID; iii) extract of judicial record and a police certificate; iv) copy of the employment contract; v) English certificate (for skilled workers) and vi) resume.

    Visitor Visas

    Visitor visas can be issued for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months for the purposes of tourism or short-term un-remunerated business. It takes up to one month for the application to be processed and is subject to the longevity of required stay in Australia.

    Documents required include:

    • A valid ID or passport;
    • Bank statements to prove the applicant’s financial standing;
    • A copy of the applicant’s return ticket;

    EU citizens can apply for an e-visitor (subclass 651) visa, which can be processed within 1 day. Citizens from Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan can apply for Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) visa which can also be processed within 1 day. New Zealand passport holders are issued a visa (subclass 444) on arrival.

    Student visas

    • This visa is for full time international students. Eligible applicants must provide the Confirmation of Enrolment to university in Australia and to have an invitation from this university;
    • This visa allows the student to stay in Australia only for the length of the course duration. The applicant must have access to sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, living costs and travel costs;
    • Applicant’s spouse and dependent children can apply for visa that will last for the student’s course duration. Other family members can apply for the Student Guardian visa;
    • Documents to be submitted by all applicants include i) valid ID (or passport copy); ii) extract of judicial record and iii) other documents as requested by the authorities. The processing time is approximately 2 months.

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