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Healy Consultants assists our Client obtains employment and residence visas from the Immigration Department of Malaysia to allow them to live and work in Malaysia. We are proud to say that our approval rate is still 100%. Healy Consultants’ fee to assist our Client obtain a work permit is US$4,950.

  • Factors to take in consideration when hiring foreign staff in Malaysia

    When deciding whether to form a company in Malaysia and hire foreign workers, several aspects of local employment laws should be considered. The following is an overview of the most important information:
    Form a new business in Malaysia

    • For international investors planning incorporation of a Malaysian company with local staff, the minimum age for an IT position is 21 years, and for management posts is 27 years;
    • If an investor forms a limited company in Malaysia with a paid up capital of more than US$2 million, the company can apply for five employment visas for foreign staffs;
    • The criteria for the eligibility to sponsor the employment of foreign workers in Malaysia by non-export orientated industries are: i) total sales of at least MYR2 million (US$520,000) and ii) minimum paid-up capital of MYR100,000 (US$26,000);
    • Citizens of Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines may be hired by a Malaysian company engaged in the manufacturing, service, plantation and construction sectors;
    • If your company is active in the manufacturing, service and construction sectors, it is possible to hire citizens from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan;
    • Note that non-Malaysian staff that reside in Malaysia only require Entry Permits and are exempt from applying for any other type of Pass;
    • Note that the company must apply for Visit Passes, should it wish to hire non-Malaysians for short-term projects.
  • Different types of visas available in Malaysia

    • Employment pass

      • An employment pass applies to investors, skilled workers, professionals, and senior management in companies. The minimum employment period required is two years.
      • Time posts can be considered for up to 10 years for executive positions that require professional qualifications and practical experience, and five years for non-executive positions that require technical skills and experience;
      • Employment pass for expatriates with key posts can be considered where the company foreign paid-up capital is at least MYR500,000;
      • To support the employment pass application, we recommend expatriates to earn monthly wages of at least MYR5,000. Automatic approval will be given to expatriates who are paid RM8,000 and above per month if they meet certain criteria;
      • Before any Malaysian manufacturing company can hire expatriate staff, it is necessary to apply for an MBJBT license in Malaysia, which can be done after company formation. Healy Consultants fee for this service is US$5,950 including all third party costs.
    • Entrepreneur Visa

      • Entrepreneurs interested in Malaysia company formation or are looking to invest in Malaysia can apply for an investor visa. This visa allows entrepreneurs to live in Malaysia and manage their business;
      • The 6th D-8 Summit for the D-8 countries, namely Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey was held in 2008 and agreed on the simplification of visa procedures for the businessmen of the D-8 Member states.
    • Visitor Visa

      • The standard Malaysian visitor visa costs USD16, and is valid from 1 to 3 months;
      • Malaysia visas can be obtained from any Malaysian embassy or consulate. Here are some countries which require visas for entering Malaysia: India, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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