Annual renewal of a Delaware LLC

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group PLC helps international Clients timely complete their annual Delaware company renewal. Leveraging our in-house accounting and tax team’s 15 years’ expertise, we successfully assist international Clients file annual accounting and tax returns for global businesses.

  • Delaware LLC renewal steps

    1. On or before the anniversary date of company incorporation our Client will sign Healy Consultants Group PLC’s re-engagement letter and settle our Delaware LLC renewal invoice fees;
    2. Within a month of accounting year-end, our Client will supply Healy Consultants Group PLC with a trial balance and/or Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet;
    3. Within a month of 2., Healy Consultants Group PLC will e-mail our Client i) draft financial statements for the Delaware LLC and ii) draft annual statutory return;
    4. Together with our Client, our Firm will legally minimise USA and international tax and secure an exemption from an independent statutory annual audit; and
    5. Within a month of 4., Healy Consultants Group PLC will timely submit to the Delaware Division of Corporations an accurate and complete statutory annual return;
    6. Simultaneously, our in-house Accounting and Tax Department will pay the annual Delaware government franchise tax to the Delaware Division of Corporations.
  • Fees

    Healy Consultants Group PLC Delaware company renewal fees:

    Annual professional servicesAnnual fee (US$)
    Registered agent and legal registered office1,100
    Delaware Government renewal fees500
    Accounting and tax fees for a dormant company950
    Accounting and tax fees for an active company2,300
    Application of personal tax ID (ITIN) for business owner in Delaware
    (for non-US citizen / non-US permanent resident only)
    Filling personal tax return (declaration) for Delaware business owner
    (for non-US citizen / non-US permanent resident only)
  • Accounting and tax considerations

    • A Delaware LLC is legally exempt from USA corporation tax;
    • There is no state or sales tax in Delaware. However, Gross Receipts Tax is imposed on total receipts of a business received from goods sold and services rendered in Delaware;
    • Foreign business owners who are neither US citizens nor US permanent residents must file a personal tax return (declaration) together with company activities disclosed;
    • Foreign business owners filing tax declarations for the first time must apply for a personal tax ID (ITIN). The TIN application can be submitted along with the tax declaration.
  • Legal and compliance considerations

    • A corporation incorporated/registered in Delaware is subject to annual franchise tax and Gross Receipts Tax to the Delaware Division of Corporations;
    • Franchise tax is calculated based on the number of authorised shares in the corporation.

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For additional information on our annual renewal services in Delaware, please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Rashi Mittal, directly:
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