Delaware client case studies

Young entrepreneur set up a company in Delaware

Establish Delaware company


Our Client Mr. Amit Kumar is a young entrepreneur in India dealing with IT services. The company engaged Healy Consultants to help set up a company in Delaware to enable it to more efficiently conduct business in Asia.

Engagement planning

Healy Consultants informed the Client on the legal, tax, and accounting obligations of companies in Delaware.

Company Incorporation

Healy Consultants prepared the corporate structure. This enabled our team to draft the incorporation forms for the Client’s signature. Following the receipt of the signed forms, Healy Consultants submitted the same to the Secretary of State in Delaware. In three days, Healy Consultants received the confirmation of the company being formed as a legal entity along with the incorporation certificate.


Following the company incorporation, Healy Consultants’ applied for employer identification number for the Client’s company which was required for the successful corporate bank account opening.

Corporate Banking

With the company incorporated and receipt of EIN number, Healy Consultants then assisted our Client opening a corporate bank account with PNC bank in USA. The bank application forms were completed by our Banking team on our Client’s behalf and sent by return courier with business plan created by our Marketing team. Once the signed documents were received, the Banking team submitted the application to PNC. The application was approved without requiring the Client to visit USA at any stage of the account opening process.

Support Services

To enable our Client to conduct business in USA and Singapore from abroad, Healy Consultants assisted his firm in setting the firm’s merchant accounts, which provided vital support to our Client’s business.

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