Using HelloSign to digitally sign documents online

  • What is it?

    HelloSign ( is a free online software which enables Healy Consultants and our Clients electronically sign legally binding documents. For example:

    • Healy Consultants engagement letter;
    • Company incorporation and bank account opening forms;
    • Internal corporate documents such as shareholder and director resolutions and meeting minutes;
    • Accounting and tax documents.
  • Why we use it?

    1. Using HelloSign saves our Clients time and money; avoiding the need to print and sign hard copies. Avoiding the need for scanning signed documents and couriering the originals to our Singapore head office;
    2. Multiple parties in different locations can effortlessly insert their e-signature;
    3. Once all e-signatures are applied to a specific document, these are automatically forwarded back to us within minutes, together with a transaction log detailing the trail of the document, who it was signed by and when.
  • Guide to using Hellosign

  • What our Clients have to do?

    1. A member of Healy Consultants Client Engagements Team will prepare a specific document requiring your e-signature;
    2. The document will be delivered to your email inbox via the HelloSign system. It takes approximately 30 seconds to sign all pages and auto-send them to Healy Consultants Group;
    3. Once you reviewed the document and are ready to e-sign you can choose between typing your name, uploading a picture of your signature or drawing your signature using your mouse/digital pen;
    4. Read this webpage (click link) to view a detailed guide to complete e-signature of a document you receive through HelloSign.
  • Conclusion?

    HelloSign is a secure and easy way for our multi-national Clients’ to fast sign legal documents. Minimizing costs and engagement delays and inconvenience to our Clients’. Optimizing engagement efficiency.