Turnkey solutions for Germany in 2024

Healy Consultants provides our turnkey solutions to international businesses wishing to establish an overseas presence as quickly as possible. Our turnkey service package in Germany includes:

    Business solutions to obtain Germany company certificate immediately

  • A registered ready-made GmbH or UG (small GmbH) company;
  • A corporate bank account with pre-existing approval;
  • A pre-registered corporate tax number; and
  • A legal registered address.

Healy Consultants can supply to our Client within a week i) the registration number of an existing dormant company in Germany ii) an already-approved corporate bank account number with a reputable international bank; iii) a German tax registration number; and iv) a registered business address.

Who needs this turnkey solution?

These turnkey solutions are preferred by entrepreneurs who:

  • Need to close a deal in Germany urgently;
  • Prefer to own an aged company;
  • Want to avoid external delays, including holidays, government red tape, etc;
  • Need to sign an important contract in a timely manner or
  • Want to invoice a German customer on time.

Types of Germany shelf companies

The Germany Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

German GmbH formation is the most common way to start business in the country. This company type is equally attractive to entrepreneurs looking to set up a small business and international businesses seeking to establish a German subsidiary. This entity faces no business restrictions and can be incorporated to provide goods and services in any sector of the German economy.

The Mini-GmbH (UG)

  • Often called a “mini-Gmbh” the German UG company is a cheaper alternative to common GmbH. By using a UG, entrepreneurs receive the limited liability status, with the additional benefit of the waiver of the initial share capital requirement;
  • The key difference is the UG must save a quarter of their annual profits until their reserves reach €25,000, thereby converting the company to GmbH. The lower accessibility of the company’s profits for those initial years offsets the cost of capital required to commit €25,000 at incorporation.

The name of the already approved corporate bank account is that of the existing ready-made company. To maintain the corporate bank account, the shelf company name cannot be changed. Consequently, our Client must use the existing name of the shelf company for their customers. The business activity of the company is allowed to change. If our Clients wishes to change the shelf company name, the bank will request a new corporate bank account opening application under the new company name.

Healy Consultants’ fees

Healy Consultants’ Germany GmbH turnkey solution costs €44,350 including i) a pre-registered shelf company; ii) an already approved Germany corporate bank account with excellent internet banking iii) €25,000 of paid-up share capital and iv) a legal registered address. Refer to invoice below for more information and a breakdown of these costs.

Germany GmbH Turnkey Germany UG Turnkey
Average engagement costs €44,350 €19,995
Draft invoice View invoice PDF View invoice PDF

Other fee considerations


germany turnkey business registration engagement period timeline

Frequently asked questions

Steps to purchase a turnkey solution in Germany

No. Steps Week
1. Healy Consultants' Compliance Team receives the required corporate and personal due diligence information from our Client; 1
2. Our Client signs Healy Consultants' engagement letter and returns the original to our Singapore Head Office. Our Client settles our fees; 1
3. Healy Consultants provides our Client i) a company name and number; ii) Germany corporate bank account number; iii) corporate and VAT ID numbers and iv) company registered office address. Our Client can advance with customers and suppliers; 1
4. Our Client confirms by email the planned corporate structure and e-mails the required due diligence; 2
5. The current Germany company agent proceeds with i) the share allotment; ii) the share transfer iii) the change of company name, resignation from the board and transferring the company to our Client. Simultaneously our Client will receive documentation to be signed in front of a notary; 4
6. The current Germany company agent proceeds with i) the share allotment ii) the share transfer and iii) the resignation from the board and transferring the company to our Client. Simultaneously our Client will receive documentation to be signed in front of a notary; 4
7. Healy Consultants’ Company Secretary Team in Germany notarizes the signed company documents and submits documents to the Germany Companies Register for processing; 5
8. The Companies Register approves the change of company ownership. Healy Consultants submits the change of bank signatory documents to the German bank; 5
9. Healy Consultants then emails our Client i) the new certificate of incorporation with the new company name and ii) the new M&AA with naming the new shareholders and directors; 6
10. Healy Consultants then emails our Client i) the certificate of incorporation and ii) the M&AA with the new shareholders and directors; 6
11. The bank will courier new internet banking documents (login, password etc.) to our Client; 7
12. Our Client receives a courier from the bank comprising new internet banking information. The new bank signatory activates the internet banking; 7
13. Healy Consultants will courier a complete engagement completion package to our Client including i) the company kit containing original Germany corporate documents and ii) Healy Consultants' Customer Satisfaction Survey. 8

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