Singapore virtual office

Singapore virtual office

A virtual office is vital for many international entrepreneurs after setting up a Singapore company. Healy Consultants’ services are tailored to Client requirements.

Singapore office premises for rental

  • First-class Singapore office rental space is available at Healy Consultants’ headquarters on River Valley Road. Office rental with Healy Consultants means top quality facilities in the heart of the city’s fashionable business and leisure district. Thus, renting an office in Singapore with Healy Consultants is the optimum option for many international entrepreneurs;
  • Singapore’s office rents have jumped significantly in recent years, faster than any other city in the world. Despite the completion of significant amount of new office space the demand for commercial space means shared office solutions are a cost-effective option compared with renting a dedicated office. The space available is modern, fully equipped and located just off the commercial heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road district;
  • Many of our Clients who spend the majority of their time outside Singapore choose to support their global operations with a virtual office;
  • A virtual office facilitates trade with customers in Singapore and internationally.

Virtual office services

  • Our firms services are tailored to meet exact requirements. Popular services include
    • A Singapore business address and mail forwarding service;
    • Receiving courier shipments on your behalf and re-dispatching to you on the same day;
    • Singapore call forwarding – Healy Consultants provides you with a Singapore telephone number (with the prefix +65) which, when called, automatically rings on your chosen number anywhere in the world;
    • A dedicated Singapore business phone number – business phone calls will be answered ‘Good day, how may I help you?’ A phone message will be taken, the details of which will be emailed to our Client;
    • If required, our Client is provided with a complimentary receptionist to handle your Firm’s phone calls, mail and other administrative matters.
  • The process to set up a virtual office is as follows
    • Healy Consultants provides written authorisation to our Client;
    • Our Client pays Healy Consultants’ virtual office fee.
  • Please note the Healy Consultants’ virtual office address, phone, and fax numbers may only be used as the corporate address (i.e. on the company letterhead). They may not be used in any form of advertising, or for website domain registration, without prior written permission from Healy Consultants;
  • Healy Consultants provides the option of a dormant virtual office in Singapore, whose features include a Singapore business address, for invoicing purposes only; a Singapore business fax number, for invoicing purposes only; and a Singapore business telephone number for invoicing purposes only.

Physical office rental services

  • Our Singapore office rental services include modern 100 sq ft offices which are ideal as a full-time company headquarters or a ‘home away from home’ for frequent business visitors to Singapore. They make a cost-effective and flexible alternative to renting an office in Singapore independently;
  • Healy Consultants’ office rental services include full access to a private office with wireless Internet and printing capability, as well as telephone connection, fax and air conditioning. Boardroom facilities complete with wireless projector and Internet connection are also available to those renting an office. Only material telephone and fax costs are borne by the Client. The office also includes access to a free water cooler, coffee and fridge space;
  • Our Singapore office rental services are available around the clock, not only during Healy Consultants’ office hours. When renting an office in Singapore, our Client is free to enter Healy Consultants’ Singapore office at any time;
  • Renting an office in Singapore is possible on either a short- or long-term lease, providing flexibility according to our Client’s business needs and removing the commitment of long-term contracts;
  • Renting an office in Singapore adds greater legitimacy to a Singapore company, while also projecting a professional image to potential Clients;
  • When renting an office in Singapore, Healy Consultants undertakes to use all reasonable endeavours to keep our Client’s information confidential. In accordance with our statutory obligations, Healy Consultants will protect personal information and personal data from unauthorised access, use or disclosure during the period of office rental;
  • Please note that Healy Consultants reserves the right to cancel the use of the package, or office rental services at any time, refunding the remainder of the fee on a pro rata basis.

Healy Consultants office virtual tour

Healy Consultants virtual office fees

Healy Consultants’ dormant virtual office fee is US$1,100. Our full office fees vary according to the precise services required. Please contact us for a tailored package.

Healy Consultants Singapore office rental fees

Healy Consultants’ Singapore office rental is available on a short, or long-term, lease arrangement for $2,000 Singapore dollars per month, all-inclusive. Healy Consultants will also collect US$1,500 from our Client as a security deposit. More information can be found on our executive office in Singapore webpage.

Virtual office in Singapore

Contact us

For additional information on our virtual office services in Singapore, please email us at Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Ms. Chrissi Zamora, directly:
client relationship officer - Chrissi
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